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These are my respected sayings that I live by.

" Try Living Your Life Before You Beg For Death."
" Truth wrote in blood is a permeant bond between the soul and the mind."
" Lies Scorched and hated but believed by others will only end in pain."
" There's two sides of a story but only one is told before one falls guilty."
" When we die we are called back cause we are needed."
" Fate left it's trail to be followed not to be discarded."
" Only one second is enough to kill you."
" Only the strongest and smartest will survive the next age."


If you believe that you should be dead look at who you would affect, try hurting your self then imagine that your favorite person in the world died, the pain from your wound is what someone who is important to you would feel like.

Truth is not Permeant unless wrote in something Permeant such as Blood witch is not erasable.

Lie's only end in pain witch is not only taken in by others but also by you.

Only one side of a story is told before we have a chance to believe the other. Then we find them responsible of doing something they did not do.

We are always need in more then one place, but sometimes we can only go to the most imported place that also requires us to leave or soul and are body.

Fate is always lade out the moment we were put on this earth but some chose tho follow it well other's write there own fate that leads to doom.

In a split second something can happen that will change your life and it's not something you can take back once it happens.

Only the ones who want to survive will.

Please if you wish to leave a comment at the bottom feel free to and I shall respond to you.


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Thousandsunnny Report | 03/27/2010 4:47 pm
"Energy from your soul and spirit remain when thy pass. Only thy shall know who is their guardian from the netherworlds."


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Hello my name is Cale Riley Smale. I live in a little town in Ontario Canada with my family. People think I am a dark and gothic person but thats just the way I Dress. My real side is soft and kind hearted.

"Truth wrote in blood is a permeant bond between the soul and mind."