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M ii s s ii n g N0 Report | 10/13/2009 9:38 pm
M ii s s ii n g N0
I got some cuddles!
Aria Bloem Report | 10/11/2009 8:04 pm
Aria Bloem
OMNOMBLAH! Random comment for you! ^_^
this rainbow lover Report | 10/01/2009 6:44 pm
this rainbow lover
It's alright; this weekend is homecoming for my town, so I'll be out most of the weekend, so don't worry too much about it. Happy birthday, by the way. ^_^ Just wanted to check up on ya to make sure you didn't forget; sometimes it helps people remember to post.
this rainbow lover Report | 10/01/2009 5:35 pm
this rainbow lover
After a week of not posting, I usually nudge my roleplaying buddies and see what's up. Busy? Writer's block? Just let me know, and I'll give you another week before I drop our roleplay.
Asmusei -Faceless Hunter- Report | 09/22/2009 8:49 am
Asmusei -Faceless Hunter-
Exactly, but it still remains as the consequences of ignorant trust.
Asmusei -Faceless Hunter- Report | 09/19/2009 5:08 pm
Asmusei -Faceless Hunter-
Hey, it's in memory of Lucien and what happens if you betray those who trust you.
the sex spirit Report | 09/19/2009 5:05 pm
the sex spirit
ok then smile
the sex spirit Report | 09/19/2009 5:01 pm
the sex spirit
haha just fill out your simple info, and just PM it smile
I feature all my accomplises in my sig, if not on my pro!
Waaj Report | 09/13/2009 1:30 pm
how do u get a back ground
Waaj Report | 09/13/2009 1:25 pm
y does graphics sucks sooo bad in this game.


Assorted Stats

Note... Please forgive me if I'm being slow and blah... I've just realized I recently made the biggest mistake of my life and it's effecting my mood rather violently.

Call Me: Adair
Birthdate: October 14th
Gender: Male
Religion: Something in an atheistic flavor... Inclined towards Satanism
Sexuality: Pansexual Aesthete

Adair Is:
- Moody and ever so slightly insane
- An artist who cannot draw
- A hopeless romantic
- Suddenly obsessed with Ola Salo
- Competitive
- Enamored with literature
- Infatuated with poetry
- In lust with writing
- In undeniable love with music

Adair Likes:
- Video Games
- The Internetz
- Unicorns
- Animals, specifically predators and hoofed beasties.
- Fresh produce
- Crowds but not groups
- Drama
- Friendly but heated debates
- Exploring new place and things

Adair Dislikes:
- Contempt
- Hypocrisy
- Prejudice
- Snobs
- Worrying about things
- Ignorance no one bothers to remedy
- Censorship/Speech Restriction
- Trolls who are jerks about it
- A lot of things, unfortunately

Adair Wants:
- Random PMs
- Random comments
- One on one roleplays
- Group roleplay invites
- Guild invites
- Donations
- Music recommendations!
- To look at your dA
- Anything really, he's not picky!

I See Joo o_____o


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