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Um...I like music and poetry. A lot. Other things I like....comic books, reading, movies. I love movies. I tend to have a thing for 80's movies or sort of like pointless movies. Often movies that fall under the "indie film" category. I am also into mythology, and Paganism. I use to really be into that sort of thing. Not so much anymore. Um...actually I'm not much for religion anymore. I don't really believe in a set god/goddess but I'm not sure I completely don't believe. I think its nice to have something to believe in. Gives people hope and keeps them in line to an extend.

Lets see....I totally believe in aliens, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, fairies, the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot and stuff of that nature. Which probably explains why some of my fave books are things such as the Harry Potter series, Artemis Fowl series, Animorphs! I also read a lot of Romance, my fave type is the historical/paranormal romance. Oh, Georgia Nicholsen books, LOVE 'em!
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Now musical It ranges from Metallica, Guns and Roses, Fuel, STP, Blink 182, Senses Fail, NFG, Staind, Orgy, Godsmack, Hawthorne Heights, GGD, Slipknot, Cute Is What We Aim For, James Blunt, Elvis Presley and Alexz Johnson. Lots, lots more!

Lemme think....what else...Oh. I love soap operas(General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, To Be With You, East Enders), NG channel, AP channel, shows like Paranormal State, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Psyche, Angel, Roswell, One Tree Hill, Instant Star and Degrassi.
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Random things about me...Um...I love fairy or H.P. merchandise! Same goes of Edgar Allan Poe items, and dragon stuff. (Dragons totally rule! They are all like "RAWR!" then your like "Ahhhhh!" LOL) Anything E.A.P. and I will love it! Peanut butter is Awesome! The colors black, purple and red, rule! Mood rings, stars, puppies, kittens, fishnet, Pokemon, arm warmers, stripes, E.T., Reese Pieces, Sugar Daddies! (They are so tasty!) All of those things are great! Rollos, Cherry blossom, lavender, freesia, lilac scent! (Mmmmm! So good!) I love board games, Jelly Beans, Good & Plenty. My favorite jelly beans are the licorice! ^_^ (Jelly Belly makes the best jelly beans EVER!)
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Now....personality. I'm very much everywhere. Sometimes very hyper and random. Other times quiet, sort of withdrawn. Mainly I'm depressed and miserable. I tend to snap very easily. Sometimes lashing out, other times crying. You never really know what to expect from me, so I tell people to just know most of the time that I am being a b**** it has nothing to do with them. Therefore I'm sorry in advance. I am secretive and don't trust easily. But when you earn my trust I won't shut up! LOL I'm very easily hurt so be careful! I do not easily forgive or forget. (You've been warned!) Though there is an upside to me. I am dependable, quirky, random and love to laugh. I'm always there to listen. Whether it be you ranting or trying to bounce an idea off of someone.

I think I've talked enough....Um....If you feel like talking just PM me, or pop on in my thread. Oh! Another thing! Most people call me EMO but I hate that term. I feel its just another label and a label is just a way to divide people and put them against one another, so don't call me EMO! XOXOXO I'm also OVER 20. Meaning...ten-teen year olds! DON'T FLIRT WITH ME! I don't like it...I will put you on ignore. My ignore feature gets quite the workout!

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It's the truth!

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Damn straight!

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Words to live by!

^ Thats me...
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Its pretty....

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That's right, I'm a big chic! Nothing wrong with that!

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I freakin' love that movie!

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My patch! **Glomps Zillie** Thanks so much for my profile and adorable patch!

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iPanties Report | 03/06/2011 10:43 pm
i am indeed quite thee facebook junkie bahaha
i love that s**t. i start going nuts if my phone dies because i cant check facebook. >.<
lol but i'm thinking to start going out less and getting on here and being a home body more. i think it might be fun and work for getting you know...normal again. >.> <.<
Blood-Viceroy-Raijin Report | 12/17/2008 12:46 pm
Ah my dark lady, so good to see you again. Shall we plot the demise of the mortals someday soon?
Masked Up Poser Report | 05/27/2008 7:10 pm
Masked Up Poser
Just stopping by and saying hi!

Been a while.
Candlelight Romance Report | 12/27/2007 8:56 am
Candlelight Romance

Zillie Report | 11/12/2007 6:12 pm
HI! ^_^ Bwahahaaa!

...Hope you don't mind me taking your first comment. <.<


Buy Squishy! She's awesome!
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