What an honor!

Thank you for taking the time to distract yourself from your distraction and check out my profile. I welcome anyone from my friends to fellow roleplayers to creepy post stalkers.

Let me introduce myself, I am Charade, This Charade if you must be formal about it. In the past, I have gone by the name of Rebellioussong. My name comes from somewhere, a part of a quotation. I wonder if you can figure it out...

What do I do on Gaia?

I roleplay. I am advanced literate. Yes, that is right, I like good grammar and spell check. I write more that a paragraph. Shocking, I know.

If you want to improve your skill and you need a teacher, I am willing to train roleplayers. Gaia needs as many literate roleplayers as it can get.

You may be wondering what types of roleplaying I do. Feel free to PM me and ask for specifics. I'll give you the general guidelines:

Fandoms I am well versed in:
Kingdom Hearts *loves*, Loveless, Avatar, Greco-Roman mythology, Alice in Wonderland, Disney in general, Firefly

(If you are doing a roleplay on any of these I LOVE YOU):
Eden: It's an Endless World, Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere

Fandoms I know a bit about (and could probably pull off an original character in):
Star Trek (TNG), Heroes (up through one half of season 2), X-Men

I will roleplay in non-fandom roleplays and even in other fandoms, just don't expect any prior knowledge.

Advanced literate to elite. If the plot is great or I need a quick fandom fix, I'll go as low as the upper end of literate. I won't go below that, even for a great plot.

I prefer not to. I like group roleplays much better. One key exception is if there is someone who wants me to help them improve. I would be more than willing to do that and conduct a one-on-one.

Things that I will probably say no to:
Vampires, romance based roleplays, and pre-made characters with little room for expansion.

Feel free to invite me or PM me for further information.


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I'm really back on Gaia! (I was in ******** Maine with my family this weekend so my brother could see a college, thus, no Internet). My life is...a little confusing right now. My friend and I are attempting to put on a musical all by ourselves (sweet ******** this is consuming my life) and this semester is speeding toward the end, so I'm panicking a bit. But...yeah. We will talk! Let's do this!

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Howdy love. Your current avi makes me happy. I miss you.

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Hey there! I wanted to PM you, but my PMs seem to be eternally stuck in the "outbox", never getting sent. Anyway, would you have any interest in moderating in The Exodus? Olympus, specifically?
The Silent Hero47

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The Silent Hero47

congatulations this charade u won my bottle thingy and you were the only one to actuly repley yay
Icarus is Toxic

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Icarus is Toxic

Thank you for your purchase!

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How about this one?


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Maybe something from Lady Macbeth or Titus?

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Yaaaaaaay profile applications <.< any for Elysium? Did you see the two I picked out? I was a professional Shakespearean actress for five years so I know a ton if you're looking for something specific.

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User Image whatcha up to? XD I'm bored.


Inside people's memories, I can live forever.
~Lea, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

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