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sweet dalian Report | 09/22/2013 1:07 pm
sweet dalian
hey~ you may not remember me cause my username changed and cause i quit gaia for 6 years lol. my name use to be xinu-girlx remember? how have you been?
Endymion Master of magic Report | 04/06/2011 2:26 pm
Endymion Master of magic
A friend named ilord Orochimaru directed me towards you for help.
You helped the person before get back a account.
So please, I hate to bug you for your time but I'm trying to get all the help I can.

Cain Lucifer Hellbond is my main account that I use daily on gaia. Almost every day of the week. Just today, 2:00 the morning I changed the pass for security reasons.
How ever the email was invalid meaning I was unable to get a password change. I send a report over for a possible hacking though since the new password I'm using is not valid for the account.
I have a-lot of items, a-lot of gold, time and money put greatly in to the account.

If you could help me get back the account that would be very appreciated.
I have the reference number of the report that I sent to try getting back my account.
Please do help me if you can,
I appreciate the time as well....
TrueMisfit Report | 03/03/2011 5:00 am
How ya been man?
I haven't seen ya in a while now, i quit gaia for over a year, you probably don't remember me, anywho good to see your still with the site.
shade empire ravne Report | 10/04/2010 5:07 pm
shade empire ravne
hello im hear to ask why did you do the who Red Devil MiniWings thing it should have been something more than one person could get i mean its unfair and not very good for your reputation i was disapointed when only one person got it and it is not available in market or anything so can i please get a explanation
mixie gee Report | 07/08/2010 12:43 pm
mixie gee
please can you give back the account gemmalouisee-x to
iamtwitpicXD hacked her, ban him please! QUICKLY
Lord HOtdog45 Report | 06/17/2010 1:16 pm
Lord HOtdog45
can u plz unban my friend he got banned for hacking when i did on my other account can u plz just un ban him he didnt hack
llama FAIL Report | 05/09/2010 7:20 am
llama FAIL
(username) ghostbusters!
Pet Seme Report | 04/17/2010 9:55 pm
Pet Seme
I filed a report for my missing items because I just recently got hacked. . .

RIP : Formerly known as "Senpai Uke"
Hacker Changed name to : "OMG Guess Wat"

Please get my account back, I spent real money on gaia and time, I can't lose it all just because some noob tricked me. . . please.
Tekiva Report | 04/01/2010 10:33 am
Yay I hope you are happy, good for you! User Image
Of course you know you are missed but that is a good thing, it means people appreciate you wink
Pandilicious Report | 04/01/2010 9:47 am
You're all gone and stuff. crying

Who you gunna call?

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