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My name is Milly Grace. ^mah face >>
College student, from the East Coast
Singing, dancing, and acting are what i do for fun.
i love to watch youtube channels, especially the fashion ones!
My favorites are: Clothesencounters, Sarahhawkinson, Heyclaire, AnaleeandJesse, and The Platform!
I love all kinds of music; but prefer indie, mostly Lana Del Rey
High Waisted shorts kinda gal.
I live in a place where i don't belong.
Red is my favorite color; and i like to eat lemons/ sour things.
I'm currently watching; Vampire Knight & Pretty Little Liars
I'm pretty down to earth; I am usually nice, when people deserve it
I am in a dance group with my best friends, but i don't think this will last any longer.
I wear heels too much and my feet are always dead by the end of the day.
I'm only 5'2. yeah that explains the heels, huh?
My trade mark is my red lipstick.
Ed Westwick is my future hubby.

stay classy, sassy, a little nasty,
But never trashy

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All of Rosamund's items 6/8: Rosamund's Grace, Corruption,
My Lovely Byul
Obsessive Devotion
Counterfeit Mistress
Garage Band Baby
I am Pawsitive

Thank you for all the people who Gifted me :Vampiric Anon, Lesbian Angel Anon, OLP Anon,Gumby Ningata, Hoe My God,Armageddon_angel,Meiraii,Pyxxl, Axsphyxiia,Gabriel Mattaliano, Linshon ( crying )Also, thank you to my bestfriend irl,Jxlyc4n for buying me Gcash when i beg for it : Without you guys i would literally be dirt poor.

Also, to my dear Anon Taco:
Thank you so much for lending me a hand, i cannot explain to you just how much your kindness means to me. Every time you give me a gift, you encourage me to finish my quests, and you make me smile every time. Please introduce yourself to me soon, ok?
You really are a gem in all of gaia, and for being so amazing, i thank you with all of my heart, and leave you this spot on my profile. And to further show my thanks, i'm going to always wear Counterfeit Mistress,my quest item that you so very kindly gifted to me, on every avatar i make from now on, with you in mind! Continue making people happy and putting smiles on their faces.
xxx, Classy

"She was charismatic, magnetic,
electric and everybody knew it.
When she walked in,
every man’s head turned,
everyone stood up to talk to her.
She was like this hybrid,
this mix of a woman who couldn’t contain herself."