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First Gaius on Gaia ~ !
Dunno if that counts for anything..

And also totally the ( OFFICIAL ) Gaius of Gaiaonline because I claim myself as it!!!11
Keeeding. There's no such thing as official characters of Gaiaonline because no one but yourself calls you that. If you have to claim yourself as "official", then you're in and over your head, boo. Sorry.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Introduced: Chapter 6: Forseer
Starting Class: Thief

Gaius is a thief living in Ylisse and will do any job if paid the right price. He loves sweets and has candy hidden all over his body. He is calm and collected, and has a clear mind. He nosebleeds the most out of anyone in the army. His birthday is January 2nd

As revealed in his supports, he is good at making things by hand, like jewellery and embroidery, and also is good with housework. His support with Olivia also reveals that he enjoys baking his own sweets. Gaius is also very open to criticism, using any feedback people tell him to try and improve his skills further and enjoys teasing people by giving them nicknames.

More info can be read here.

Feel free to add me, especially if you enjoy FE as much as I do. I can go on and on about the series.

Other titles I have played: Fūin no Tsurugi, Fire Emblem, Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance (haven't beaten yet), and the Shadow Dragon sequel: New Mystery of the Emblem ~Heroes of Light and Shadow~ (which I just got -scream-).

Gaius shipping:

more to come ty.

Profile and layout by yours truly ~
Fire Emblem © Nintendo

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Nitro Boy 721 Report | 05/17/2013 4:58 pm
Nitro Boy 721
Well, hello, Gaius! You've been doing well for yourself now that the war is over. Is that a little paunch I see, or just another bag of sweets? >:3

(Hi there! Nice cosplay!)
x The FooI Arcana x Report | 04/26/2013 5:28 am
x The FooI Arcana x
No, he's in Paralogue 23: The Radiant Hero. And he has an huge army, plus him and his skills are good. Having Sol,Luna, Axe,Lance and sword breaker. So yeah just make sure you have most of you r main units stats maxed out for hard then. D: I just did it on normal for now since i dont want to deal with it on hard, and im on the last chapter on hard mode btw.
The SiIent Princess Report | 04/03/2013 7:40 pm
The SiIent Princess
W-well.....Sorry I knew that you liked your sweets and i didn't get alot.....but next time i'll get alot of sweets for you Gaius.
I thought you would like the cupcake though....
The SiIent Princess Report | 03/29/2013 10:36 am
The SiIent Princess
P-pretty? *Blushes slightly* Well Gaius... I know you like sweets and i was in town and i saw some nice looking sweets so i thought of you. *Smiles slightly*
The SiIent Princess Report | 03/25/2013 8:31 pm
The SiIent Princess
Gaius, Hello.~ I have something for you.
*Takes out a cupcake and hands it to him*

(( Btw i used to be Anna xD ))
Cloresa Overdrive Report | 03/22/2013 11:56 am
Cloresa Overdrive
thanks smile
King Chrom Report | 03/21/2013 9:18 pm
King Chrom
-kicks his butt-
King Chrom Report | 03/20/2013 5:52 pm
King Chrom
...... Oh yes. -gives and drop off a bag of candies.-
Oops it fell, man its a heavy bag than i expected so. v_v;
Skylen Hoshido Report | 03/20/2013 1:09 pm
Skylen Hoshido
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Hmm... a cavity still in your mouth is much more painful in my opinion because it CONSTANTLY hurts. crying
I have lightened up on my sugar intake ever since, but I still like to indulge here and there... Hehee! *^w^*
I just hope that our meeting has given you a better outlook on nobles. Not all of us act like snobs. And as for nicknames... I could give you one, it would be Guy. Hahaa. emotion_yatta
oWoIfie Report | 03/19/2013 5:46 pm
And It may just be you, I checked and ask someone and they told me everythings fine. : O
Thief Gaius