Soooo... i guess this is where i write stuff about me...yeah...*awkward silence* I got nothin'. How about a list? Everyone loves lists!

Name: ehh, just call me mimi
Age: old enough
Gender: Female
Favorite book series: Harry potter! But i also like Daughters of the moon, gossip girls and the Uglies, Pretties, Speacials trilogy.
Favorite food: Spagetti!Favorite Anime:Furuba! Or fruits basket as many of you all know it as. It's ta smex
Favorite musical The wedding sing has taken the lead!!! *drools over stephen lynch* but i also love RENT of course! But I do love beauty and the beast. Phantom of the OPera is smexy too. And the lion king has it's moments. And who could forget the first real musical i ever saw: Grease!
Favorite movie: Ooh, thats a tough one. I like the X-men movies along with the harry potter ones. And who could forget pirates of the Caribean? And all those awesome disney classics? And all those other great movies in which i cannot think of at the moment?
favorite show: hmmm i used to watch what i like about you religously! I also enjoy Avatar TLAB as well!
Favorite Game:ooohhh a toughy! LOVE the mario games, love zelda games, any awesome rpg will do!
Favorite Band:Sick puppies, My chemical romance, Panic! At the disco, FOB, maroon 5, Cobra starship
Favorite Candy: A chocolate bar with gummy bears on top. blaugh
Favorite place: New york city! Center of the universe. (Florida comes as a close second)
Dream Vacation:BAHAMAS!Italy! France! United kingdom! Greece! Japan!

ehh thats all i could think of so deal with it!

This is my ball of fluff:

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Isn't she cute? I heart my ball of fluff


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Avi art!

I can't fit all of my avi art in my profile, so I'll put some in here!


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yeaah xd i was getting tired of it...
K a m i o D o l l

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K a m i o D o l l

-Pokes back-

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OMG WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON. *drools at the Pirates of the Caribbean poster* and harry potter...and fruits basket...and rent. xD

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Eep! You're already in school!? How sucky. I start on Tuesday.

XD Yeah, good memory, I used to live with her, but for a while only. I'm back to this hell-hole called Arizona. Suuuckyyy. She actually is staying at my house here for while until her house is done being build, which is in the same neighborhood.

Yeah, I still LOOOVE Harry Potter! In fact, /today/ when my mommy wanted to check out some book in Borders, my sissy and I got our reservations for the seventh book!!! I'm sooo happy!

Ugh, I know! I'm so excited for the next movie, too, and the book! Yeah, the name sounds really intense to me, but ,oh, so good! I actually prefer this one to "Fortress of Shadows."
K a m i o D o l l

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K a m i o D o l l

[chibi nynako]

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[chibi nynako]

random comment for you
comment me back ^^

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Why hello daling

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Eep! Of course I remember you, Mimi! Happy belated holidays! Sorry I didn't replay sooner, but I just don't get on here anymore as much as I used to.

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Hooray Hinata!

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hehehehe hi


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There's only us, there's only this
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