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The Doctor,
who stole my two hearts
once said:

In 900 years of time and space,
I've never met anyone who
wasn't important.

He also said:

We're all stories
in the end-- just make it a good one,


Story Of My Life:

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Privilege, Not A Right

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We are all Fools at the beginning of any trial.

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Might Be Bugs In Some of You Thugs, But There Ain't No Bugs In Me

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Something Timeless, It Seems


I exist, and this is the state in which I exist.

As some of you may know, I took quite a break from Gaia for quite awhile. The girl who thought she was a woman is finally a woman now. She is a mother, and a lover- and many things aside, behind, and tucked away in the parenthetical. She has learned from her past mistakes. She has moved on. She has left behind mostly everything and everyone she ever thought she couldn't live without- except a few.

Those few things, those few people, are the most precious aspects of my life. They're the only things I can't capture in my writing, the only things I can't immortalize- because they are ever changing, ever growing, ever flowing down the rapids of time. They are mortal. The most precious things in my life all suffer from mortality, and that makes me cherish them.

I am more passionate about, more determined to keep, and more in love with these things because they will all be lost some day. I could never have such strong feelings for the little things in life if they were immortal, if they never died or vanished. I have learned to treat each moment in my life as if I will never live it again. I have learned to love, to be in love, and to communicate that love.

And I have learned to be a better friend for those who will be better friends to me.

Sincerely Yours,


Everybody gets their own box.

You can hide behind the flimsy walls,
let other people graffiti the outside
with their own ideals of you.

Or you can step out of the comfort
of your perfect little cardboard shell
and color it yourself:

Instead of letting other people
dictate who you’re allowed to be,
show them who you really are.

I'm like the eff word--
versatile, offensive, and satisfying.

I am a lot of things;
many of them are questionable,
but they are all a part of me.
Accept it. I am human, too.