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Last Login: 10/07/2013 2:13 pm

Gender: Female

Location: In your imagination, or am I behind you?

Occupation: Creaping people out, including YOU! Plus I'm a ninja on the side.

This is me. So deal with it!

Well let's see here, what to say about myself? Hmm... Well lets start with some friendly lists, shall we? Yes!
1. A yaoi fananatic, well not in an extreme way, anymore that is
2. In College
3. Currently into Aristotle, philosophy and such things like that. Thank you Ethics Professor, you made a difference in this person's life!!
4. Lover not a fighter, well I'm sort of both
5. Open-minded about pretty much everything.
6. A good student, even though I absolutely loathe school
7. Crazy [not in a completely bad way]
8. Random most of the time
9. But I'm NICE!
10. Eighteen, meaning I'm legal and can do everything but "legally" drink and some other stuff. Rats!!!
11. A writer and roleplayer. Lots of what I do seems to be BL nowadays though..
11. And that's all you need to know at this point, unless you stalk and/or know me in real life but of course that's a different story.

I love...
1. The Sims 3 (I'm kinda obsessed now...)
2. My totally messed up mind
3. Funny crap and even all the subgenres of comedy
4. BL
5. Converses
6. Writing
7. Shounen-ai
8. Learnin interesting things
9. Making up stories and characters
10. Hanging/ talking with my buds
11. Anime and Mangas
12. My Heart Boxers
13. Making lists from some odd reason 0wO
14. Love.
15. Drama sometimes
16. And so much more, that it's a shame.

I hate...
1. Really complicated stuff, and plain out just complicated crap
2. Drama in my life all the time, when it has to deal with me anyway
3. Homework
4. Writer's block
5. Spelling
6. Sad movies, they make me cry
7. Crying
8. Mean, cruel, and self-centered people.
9. Have people underestimate me, which a lot of the time leads in their own downfall.
10. When I can't remember what I was about to say/write; and forgeting stuff in general, which tends to happen alot
11. And some other stuff.

My Favorite Icons

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And so that ends our quick tour in my head! But don't worry I will be back with more on a day that I'm bored as heck. Which of course why I randomly wrote all this crap too; like you really care though.

Comments. Comments. Coments. Oh, how I love thee...

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RAGEMELON Report | 06/17/2013 5:38 pm
hey your father misses you get on lol
nekohimebyha Report | 05/04/2013 9:08 am
RAGEMELON Report | 03/30/2013 12:38 pm
Hiya daughter biggrin
kawaii kida kun Report | 03/18/2013 7:25 pm
kawaii kida kun
cool avi!
DaytimeDreamer4925 Report | 10/08/2012 3:30 pm
cool avi
Bon3ssssss Report | 09/15/2012 11:23 am
Bon3ssssss Report | 09/14/2012 11:45 pm
For the to meet the Johnsons can I have the made-up role? Im on my iPod so I couldnt message you
Rubba Duckey U Da 1 Report | 07/26/2012 2:42 pm
Rubba Duckey U Da 1
Sorry didnt see word yaoi my bad
Rubba Duckey U Da 1 Report | 07/26/2012 2:41 pm
Rubba Duckey U Da 1
Hi Im on phone so cant exactly pm right now. Can you reserve me female in passionate couple will send in reserve tomorrow as I have a jam packed homework schedule smile
That Water Sprite Demyx Report | 07/24/2012 12:44 pm
That Water Sprite Demyx
Thank you! heart


I'm addicted to RPing and yaoi, so PM me to RP, maybe?
Oh but beware....
I may be... weird...
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