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Location: Australia

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Yay! I'm not nekkid!...

No items equipped.

...but I do feel nekkid without these D:


Who I am and why I am so retarded:

Haii there, my online name is Squishy. Here are some general details about myself:

- I am female
- I am 16 years old
- I enjoy art and writing, and basically anything creative
- I am a black belt and instructor in Taekwondo
- I play the saxophone

Here's a link to my gallery;

Who are you and why are you wearing my pants?

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Kabuki Pixel Report | 06/28/2009 1:07 am
Kabuki Pixel
hello, saw your art in the arena
wanted to know how much you charge, that is if you're still doing peoples avi arts :3
Haha6977 Report | 05/14/2008 8:42 pm
<img style="float:left;" src="" border="0" />

My thanks for buying from my store! I hope you enjoy it! ^__^

You know if you can just make it through, you'll find what you seek.

So keep trying to break free,

to that blue, blue sky.
Renescence Report | 03/27/2008 12:58 pm
Wow! I'm loving that avie, Squishy! <3
Renescence Report | 02/28/2008 11:09 pm
Hey Squishy! How is you? How's your shop doing?
jezs Report | 02/03/2008 12:30 am
thanks for shoppin the prince's rapier ;DD
Renescence Report | 01/27/2008 10:54 pm
Coolio!! (Your the best Squishy. <3 )
Renescence Report | 01/27/2008 9:07 pm
Yeah, I love that song too. ^^ DJ Sammy: California Dreamin. But yeah, I would really like to see your profile all pimped! (You think after your all done, you might be able to make me one too? o.o Obviously I would pay you. ^^ )
Renescence Report | 01/26/2008 5:26 pm
OMG....Squishy......Who made your profile!? Its the s**t!! XD
dolphy-hime Report | 01/22/2008 2:50 am
lol, what do you define as going good? I got practically no business...lawl...*goes back to that commission she was probably supposed to finsh by now*
Pinklikemyhair Report | 01/16/2008 8:36 am
Thanks for buying User Image

Curious People


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Me and Dolphy-Chan are partners in crime =D