Hello out there. My name is Coraima,&&iloveyou.(:
I'm a freshaman this year,scary stuff man. Haha,
well I guess you're probably reading this to give
you something to do. Or to get to know about me?
In anycase,you're here now. Well. I don't really
live a special life,it's pretty much like everyone
elses out there. I play sports,ask me what ones
are my favorite and I will love you for as long as
I live. I'm currently in loving the bands Tokio Hotel,
Boys like girls,NeverShoutNever!,Linkin Park,
Scary kids Scaring kids,30 seconds to Mars,
Bullet For My Valentine, and my friend had
gotten me into Escape the Fate. As far as music
goes,I'll listen to anything but contry. It makes
my ears bleed.

I am pretty into anime,and manga.
Ask me and I've probably seen it. I don't really
have favorites but,I can always re-watch; Ouran
high school Host club, Fruits basket, Naruto
(Shippuden), Bleach, Blood , Fooly Cooly, Love
Hina, Death Note, Strawberry Panic, and The
Melancholy of Harhuhi Suzumiya.

Sometimes,I tend to believe
that summer is my favorite season,until witner
rolls around. I am a very indecisive person,
and overall happy. Unlike many people where
I live,I really enjoy reading and writting. I'm currently in the middle of writting a book,and can't wait until it's done!(: Along with listening to music,I love singing and instuments. I wanna learn how to play the piano someday,it's my favorite of all instruments. I have a life long plan,and when I grow up I want to become a great archaeologist.

If you ever feel like chatting,or just wanting to show me some love. Drop me a comment,or even better a PM. &&remember. We can't become friends unless we talk,so don't be shy. I know I'm not! :'D