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I Fragile I Report | 04/23/2011 4:47 pm
I Fragile I
Heller :3
I Fragile I Report | 09/07/2010 1:08 pm
I Fragile I
Lol yeah ^^

did you know Lady Gaga Took off all her cloths because she claimed she wasnt getting any attention >: P

I'm like holy crap !* She has balls :O

Then in the '10 lappalooza concert she crown surfed practically nekkid *!

She is one crazeh female dog

I Fragile I Report | 09/04/2010 11:41 am
I Fragile I

I just listen to their music


I mostly adore the new artists ;

A big fan of Lady Gaga


Shes amazing (; Like holy crap
I Fragile I Report | 09/02/2010 3:15 pm
I Fragile I


As a matter of fact ,

I indeed am fond of the beetles

; D
I Fragile I Report | 09/02/2010 3:08 pm
I Fragile I


= T
I Fragile I Report | 09/02/2010 2:56 pm
I Fragile I
Rawwrr! <3
marshyru Report | 08/06/2010 12:43 pm
marshyru Report | 08/05/2010 6:30 pm
That made me fall off the couch laughing. xD

And don't tempt meh. ;D

marshyru Report | 08/05/2010 5:52 pm
I'm ugly as crap.
YOU'RE the pretty one!

And oooh hippie dolies. x3
marshyru Report | 08/05/2010 2:19 pm
I still feel plain compared to you.

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