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Greetings *bows*, Im Idieihon. (Pronounced: ee- day-yun) However most people just call me App, and I'm currently 19 years old. I came from Middle earth


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tvande Report | 06/26/2010 5:58 am
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HD Katsoi Report | 11/23/2009 8:01 pm
HD Katsoi
A vortex opened in front of Idieihon and a man with dark red clothing came blasting out. The vortex closed and the man rolled out onto the floor.
Lord Xertex Report | 09/09/2009 11:05 am
Lord Xertex
[ Hey! how's it goin? ]
Lord Xrence II Report | 08/12/2009 9:27 pm
Lord Xrence II
Mellow pushed himself off the floor noticing someone wasn't in the room. "Wait, where's Idieihon?" Mellow was about to get up and look around the house but stopped and turned when he heard something from Rose and saw her fall to the floor, unconscious. "Rose!" Mellow dashed to her side noticing she was alright and just asleep. That began to worry Mellow. For someone to sleep in the house with the door closed meant that time that they would be in the house shortened but she would stay asleep until the door was either opened by Mellow or its time was expired and would open by itself. Mellow disliked the thought to reopen the door and hear those voices again and have to wake Rose up.

It took Mellow a few minutes before deciding to open the door. He prepared himself as he stepped slowly to the door. He rested his hand on the door's handle and began to turn the knob. Mellow sighed and spoke to himself under his breath. "Idieihon, where the hell did you go?" The door then opened and immediately Mellow froze. His eyes staring straight forward and his mouth dropping open as he heard something new from the voices. Mellow breathed rapidly and turned around. The sunlight filled the room and seemed to change it slightly as it had no windows to brighten the room. Mellow smiled and knelt to the floor. "The voices aren't calling me anymore." Mellow sighed and rolled over onto his back, the sunlight shining into his eyes. "They back to worshiping Nexol again, rather calling my name. The 8th dimension is strange." Mellow placed his hand over his forehead to block the light from his eyes. He began to wonder how the 9th dimension was doing without him. He hadn't heard a word from them since he left. Then again, Nexol's dimension was possibly overriding his. "At least I can have some peace as they aren't screaming anymore." Mellow breathed again. "Rose, you awake? The voices aren't yelling anymore for some reason and they seem to be worshiping their false preacher, Nexol." Mellow chuckled to himself lightly.
Lovely Claire Redfield Report | 08/10/2009 9:16 pm
Lovely Claire Redfield
Scarlet eyes had suddenly flickered as she was standing beside Mellow staring towards Ideihon, her gaze shifted to Mellow and only a few words had came out but not enough as in a warning. "'s a t..." She has spoke and she had fallen to the floor in a trance like slumber, Her crimson eyes flickering shut.

~Scarlet Rose
Lovely Claire Redfield Report | 08/05/2009 9:20 pm
Lovely Claire Redfield
Scarlet nodded to him as he spoke that he would be in pain after the the time sheild was destroyed, she felt his grip on her arm and she knew that the voices must be that painful to him, they were worse now because he stoped the time. As he changed his mind and called up his guardian she could feel the compressed air around them, she turned to see the time sheild break like it was made of glass, but as it shattered she saw the peice just fade and disappear quickly. Just as she turned her head she could see that they were in the small house of Mellow's, She looked infront to see a boy infront of him but she only looked at him for half a second as Mellow fell down in pain. She quickly kneeled down, her face in worry and a bit of panic. "Mellow?! are..are you okay?!" She spoke seeing him mutter a few words.

~Scarlet Rose~
Lord Xrence II Report | 08/05/2009 11:12 am
Lord Xrence II
Mellow smiled and turned, "So you can fight? I'm glad to hear that." Mellow felt joy over come him once again. But that all stopped when Mellow turned the door knob and the door swung open. Mellow's eyes widened as if to be terrified. To Idieihon, nothing could be heard, but to Mellow the voices were calling his name even more so now. They were more shouting and screaming even louder than just shouting in the back of his mind. There were as if they were right in his ears blaring out their lungs. Mellow slowly stepped out the door still terrified with the voices; he then vanished from sight.

Not too long afterwards, Mellow and Rose appeared in the room and the door shut behind them. Mellow collapsed onto the floor, muttering something to himself. The guardian shield surrounding them both, dissipated into the air.
Idieihon would find Rose standing in the room next to Mellow’s body.
Lord Xrence II Report | 08/01/2009 8:09 pm
Lord Xrence II
Mellow sighed lightly. "So then, you may not be able to fight one of the ISSP members." Mellow's joy of Idieihon's stay vanished quickly. "Well, for now i guess we'll just hope you don't die like how you almost did." Mellow rubbed his forehead lightly as he tried to think of a new plan. Mellow stood up from the couch and walked over to the door of the cabin. "Let's go see our new friend, Rose. She's currently training against a clone of the ISSP member Con. The one you first saw and almost killed you before you exited that building." Mellow hesitated to open the door as he would then hear the crying voices for help and death from the 8th dimension. Ever since Nexol came to this one, their minds have been linked to each others peoples minds. When Mellow became king in the 9th dimension it was then when he was granted the Mind of Xelon and the Eyes of Xelon. Two very important things that the Hundora's know of. The king could hear the voices of his people call out to him if they ever needed help in a life threatening situation. Mellow was hearing Nexol's people cry for help. Nexol would enjoy that, but to Mellow, it was heartbreaking as he couldn't go and save them.
Lord Xrence II Report | 08/01/2009 7:37 pm
Lord Xrence II
Mellow smiled and put his hand on Idieihon's shoulder. "Thank you. Since you are willing to help, I need you to be ready for the ISSP. An organization created by Nexol, you know, I saved you from them. I need you to help in fighting them. Can you control the power of Merlin inside you?"
Lord Xrence II Report | 08/01/2009 7:16 pm
Lord Xrence II
Mellow turned himself over to get up. He managed to stand on both his feet again but his mind was still in a mess. Mellow still breathing heavily spoke the words no one would want to hear. "You're not going home... No one is, no one can until Nexol is killed again." Mellow looked at Idieihon with a serious look. Mellow spoke the truth how Idieihon couldn't get home because he was in another dimension from his home. "Don't worry about your home right now, Idieihon. Nothing has happened since you left it; I made sure of it. Not even a second has passed by since you left Athens. Besides, right now, I need you. We need you. Another Hundora has offered her help to us in defeating Nexol. Idieihon, you have to understand that Nexol isn’t what he used to be anymore. He’s far more powerful because he has his body back again.” Mellow walked to the couch and plopped down on it. “Back when I was Linger, I separated his body from his soul. In doing so, I stopped him from ever summoning his ultimate form and strength. But now, that’s changed. Ever since you, Idieihon, killed him.” Mellow paused and looked to Idieihon in the eyes. “Yes, that’s right; you killed him by the powers of Merlin to separated Xelon’s heart from Linger and into me, Hundora. The power surging through his body actually killed him and Linger at the same time. After Nexol was killed, he was sent to the forbidden 8th dimension to suffer from his wrong doings and never rise again. But Nexol beat the system. Before, there were no bridges to other dimensions so Nexol created them to escape his hell and entered this one to kill you as his revenge. How? He has his body back again. No longer is Linger’s spell conflicting him from achieving true power. That’s why we need to stop him again like I did in my past life as Linger. And need you to live and fight. If you don’t and choose to stay out of this, don’t expect me to make a coffin for you when you die by Nexol’s hand.”


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