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Welcome to my Profile!!!

I'm Not Interested In Preserving The Status Quo;
I Plan To Destroy It


Well, call me Kid if you'd like. I'd say I'm pretty normal
My favorite things in life are girls, anime, and money
My personality varies from whatever mood I'm in...
Though, I'm usually lazy yet always busy...
Also, I aspire to create my very own harem


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Lovely Spellsinger Report | 09/01/2013 11:38 pm
Sorry, I was randomly stalking people that gaia suggested to me and I happened to find a pic of your avi on someones page and just wanted to say, I like your avatar, reminds me of a driver person x3
Trickster Francis Report | 05/30/2011 10:38 am
xD haha lucky!
it is pretty cool to watch the tornadoes form and stuff, but.. they're absolutely horrifying.
They just rip up anything and everything within vacuum range D:
:0 going to the pool sounds more fun then doing nothing, like I do over here xD
xD lol I'm so pale... I wouldn't mind getting some sun-burn pfft =w=

ah, also, by Wednesday I won't be online at all over the summer D:
(unless I somehow manage to FINALLY fix my old GateWay computer so it connects and works on the internet)
But anyways.. I won't be online after Wednesday, because we have to turn out school laptops in over the summer :L
it will take a long while to get them back, so I'm going to be super inactive on all my accounts D:
(it's going to be the death of me when I come back and start to clean up my DeviantArt account.. I get so many replies a day xD)
Just as a heads up though o-o since I'll be gone for a while...
and.. Gaia is also blocked at school so it has double the inactive time *facepalm*
Trickster Francis Report | 05/27/2011 5:43 pm
xD haha, it's the same over here....
We also have a three day weekend though..
Bah.. finals.. tch... I hate taking these tests D:
>_< there have been so many tornadoes over here now!
Buh.... D| also, ;____;' I might not reply back, because my school takes our laptops away over the summer.
>_< I have to get my big GateWay computer fixed and get it to connect to the internet to update it.. so it will take me a while if I even do manage to get back online during the summer.
;~; guffff- hope you feel better.
Good luck with all your tests too!! D:
Chem sucks. = /A =
Trickster Francis Report | 05/22/2011 2:00 pm
but you know, you can still talk as weird as you like on the internet razz
I do that all the time, but my highest grade classes were always spelling, english, and literature |D

so anyways, how have you been? :3
It's raining like hell out here D: there's hail ERRE'WHERE >m>
Trickster Francis Report | 05/22/2011 12:45 am
Oh my god, You're alive 8I
let me poke your forehead to make sure you're not a hologram lol
RenieChu Report | 03/23/2011 4:52 am
Trickster Francis Report | 03/02/2011 3:19 pm
hey you c:
thought I'd just stop by and see how you are.
how have you been doing then? xD
RecklessLady Report | 09/07/2010 3:34 pm
i cant stand skool as usual but its beter i guess but things r ok im still lazy so yea.....nothins changed
RecklessLady Report | 09/05/2010 5:39 pm
yo kid how u doin
Trickster Francis Report | 09/02/2010 7:16 pm
^^ okay, I should be able to go on over the weekend razz
biggrin you can meet some of my wild friends lol
we're partiers, so.. just to let you know ahead of time.. we do some relly dumb stuff just to have some fun haha