Her name is Annie.
Shes old [16].
She changes her avatar ALOT.
She also changes her profile ALOT.
She used to belong to the GD, but now is retired from the GD.
You can usually find her in pinball.
And sometimes she does a little bit of lurking in towns.
She doesnt like you if your going to be mean to her.
If you arent going to be mean to her.
She likes you already.
She loves the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
A lot.
You can send her messages if you want to.
She doesnt mind.
And if you want to know more about her.
You should send her a pm.


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Getting to know....GaiaOnline

Um usually ill tell you about the extremely exciting things of my life or just ask mental questions...



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Nursie Daisy

Report | 08/27/2009 6:41 am

Nursie Daisy

Your welcome!(and thanks!)
Nursie Daisy

Report | 08/25/2009 5:39 pm

Nursie Daisy

aww cute avatar!c:

Report | 01/24/2008 4:37 pm


Muse, again haven't heard of it. I kinda forgot what I asked though, 'cause it's been two whole days, oooh!

So you like the Twilight series? I just finished Twilight and I'm on to New Moon. It was unbelievably amazing!! In fall Breaking Dawn is coming out I'm so excited!
Ray Pest

Report | 01/24/2008 2:11 pm

Ray Pest

it IS possible....

but its very hard

Report | 01/24/2008 11:21 am


Animal is bomb User Image
Ray Pest

Report | 01/24/2008 10:59 am

Ray Pest


you ARE a good typer. almost as good as me User Image

i like your hair alot too

Report | 01/23/2008 9:24 pm


metallica and slipknot are great bands! User Image *high five*

Report | 01/23/2008 8:21 pm


Cats are awesome, but I believe that your spirit transfers into another body as what you were... Thus, if you died a human you come back as a newborn, you can't come back as like a tree or something lol... Kinda ends my philosophy in basically we are living in a constant circle of hell if there is one... lol...

Report | 01/23/2008 5:04 pm


Lol, I don't believe in the "Holiee Bibill" I personally am rooting for reincarcation lol... As far as me doing well how about yourself??
Ray Pest

Report | 01/23/2008 3:39 pm

Ray Pest


you look like someone i go to college with, but you have better hair