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Gender: Male

Birthday: 10/21


A Little About Me...

I am Deku, and its a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am:

- Committed to Kindness. Everyone is worthy.
- Determined to be better than I was yesterday.
- Passionate about helping kids and teens love themselves.
- Committed to liberation and justice in the world.
- Rootin’ for EVERYONE Black.
- Believer in Gentle Masculinity/Manhood.
- A Lover of a good book.
- An Ambivert
- Rest for me = video/boardgames, working out, comedy clubs, poetry, open mics, live music, and time with community.

I am a Gaia OG here to give what I can, when I can. whether it is advice, good conversation, or friendship, I am just around to contribute. Reach out if you are interested in connecting. I'm around.




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A tree is known by it's fruit.
OG Gaia Guy (Its been FAR too long) sweatdrop
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