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hiya guys! name is willow thyme and amazingly i've just realised how to get this up here,hahaha!anywho here's some small easy to deal with facts on me:

1. I'm a wiccan (witch)
2. I LOVE books and writing,and art and talking.....
3. I'm always trying to make people laugh so i'm fun to talk to!
4. I'm a gemini
5. I love chocolate,strawberries,pancakes and diet coke.
6. I hate self centred people
7. I love to help people
8. I'm totally open and will talk to all kinds of people(except the above,sorry)
9. I love people reading my fiction and reviewing it so please do!
10. I wish you a great day!haahh!

so there you ahve it!thanks for reading please feel free to message me and i'm always here to answer, come back soon!


i'm trying to earn 20,000 gaia gold,but due to 2000 gold mysterious disappearing the other day i have been set back.i'm not asking for money before u ask,but if you have any items you don't want at all feel free to give them too me because i can put them to good use for you and you no longer have to hang onto stuff you don't want in your inventory.but 've made a bar so that i can see how close i'm getting to that goal and if anyone feels they would like to help then i will be massively grateful for anything you can do and i will owe you one,feel free to call in for a favor any time you want if you help me out!love you all!!!

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The Wonderful World of ME!

hiya yal!ok,so this is ganna be my 'try and update' journal about the ups and downs of my life,the random thoughts in my head and stuff that i do and love,i hope you enjoy reading it,i'll try really hard to actually make it interesting,plus every onc


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Princess Lemurica Report | 07/04/2009 8:24 am
Princess Lemurica
You're profile rocks! You sound like an awesome person! We should chat sometime! smile
Peace, Evil, and World Domination,
hasumi_hisami1314 Report | 06/28/2009 9:23 am
I made it from a recipe from zOMG
memekeykey Report | 06/25/2009 9:33 am
what's up it's memekeykey!
I haven't talked to you in a long time, what's been going on!!!!!!
iiSmexii_Bish x Report | 03/09/2009 2:37 pm
iiSmexii_Bish x
Can I Hav ur Skinny Jeans??
iiSmexii_Bish x Report | 03/09/2009 2:10 pm
iiSmexii_Bish x
can i hav ur skinny jeans plzzz mines got stolen from somebody crying crying crying crying crying crying
memekeykey Report | 03/06/2009 1:02 pm
Hi what's up
The Original Slayer Report | 03/01/2009 6:56 am
The Original Slayer
Hi Hun!!

Your so famous it's unbelievable =[

I'm just a nobody...

alinx23 Report | 02/01/2009 8:18 pm
thanks for buying... the dress looks great on ou
cera12sim Report | 12/27/2008 1:10 pm
thank you for buying [insert item name here]
Angelic_Filly5 Report | 12/11/2008 1:49 pm
Thank you for your purchase!

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Hi everyone!just saying hi,i'm willow,a wiccan and a pretty fun girl(i hope)!hee hee!more soon!

Write with your heart not wit you head

Write with your heart, not with your head