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Gender: Female

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Occupation: Deadly Ninja Assassin for Hire

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Learning More About Me

BRACE YOURSELVES FOR A LONG INTRODUCTION. (And also the fact that this is mostly about the TMNT so if you don't know it, DON'T read this. Or if you want to, then whatever)

Hey. The name's TheDarkKunoichi which means 'female ninja'. I currently resided in the New York faction of the Foot Ninja Clan, ruled by the one and only Shredder or Oroku Saki. I have sworn to destroy the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to my master but secretly, I am working for the Turtles as well. I will explain later, so now, I'm acting as a spy to my own master and I occasionally help the Turtles accomplish their goals. Without my own clan knowing of course. I really need to keep my cover so no telling to my fellow ninjas what you've found out today.

What I think of the Turtles:

Donatello: Well, I guess him and me have so much alike. Like we're both engineers, we're both computer geeks, and we're both smart. (my intelligence almost rivals to that of Baxter Stockman. And I LOVE designing and improving the Foot's security systems) Sometimes, when I visit their lair we bond by fixing and hacking into stuff.

Raphael: I think of him as a really strong, tough guy who loves to question the leader's orders. He acts pretty much like a rebel but I could tell he's very kind inside. We bond by arm and finger wrestling every time I visit. He's a worthy opponent. And he's a very good friend and ally when the situation calls for it.

Michelangelo: He's a cool and wild guy. But his personality is not suited for ninjas AT ALL. But I guess I kinda like him. And it's become a habit of mine to freak him out whenever I come by. It always makes him scream. And I always laugh at him. lol

Leonardo: Since he was the one who I first REALLY talked to, I guess I feel closer to him than anyone else. (I'll explain later) He also defended me from his bros and father. I guess I sort of admire him for his strategic and mature thinking in every situation. But he's still so young. I guess it comes with the burdens of being a leader. We bond by training in their dojo and by simply talking.

Now, more about me since you still don't know who I am:

Likes: My Turtle friends/allies, my reliable weapons, computers, tools, stealth, scary stories, coffee, researching Japan's history, acting innocent in front of my colleagues and then playing pranks with them (I LOVE the looks on their faces), a good book, leaping across rooftops, New York City.

Dislikes: Every single criminal out there, my Master, the Turtles (it's kinda like a love/hate relationship), stupid idiotic people, the color pink, anything cute (yuck!), little kids, politics, boring places, cartoons, snobs, people who doesn't follow my orders.

Favorite Colors: Black, Purple.

Favorite Flower: I've always been fascinated by Black Roses. But there's no such thing. Except if you paint roses black that is.

Favorite Places: My room and the security room in the Foot Building, the Turtles' Lair, quiet rooftops.

Weapons Of Choice: Ninja sword. Soon learned how to operate Bo staffs, and Sais. (courtesy of Donatello and Raphael), Yumi bow, Kunai, Shuriken, Nekote, Tanto, Smoke Bombs, Blinding Powder, Nunchakus.

Hobbies: Sneaking and scaring people, surfing the net in my private room, adding many features in the security system, and freaking Michelangelo out. I don't know why, but he's so afraid of me. Not that I don't like it.

My history:
I'll just recount how I met the Turtles...

It's a normal night for me. I was joining the Foot Ninjas who were patrolling the city through the rooftops. Normally, I wouldn't go out of the security room, but I just wanted some fresh air from being cooped up there for so long, so I joined the patrol groups. My rank was higher than the leader of the group, so I immediately took charge. I could tell he was angry at me, but you can't yell at your superior, it will be instant death. So, he was silent throughout the whole trip.

There were few gang activities, and we took them all out without any problems. But suddenly, we heard noises. It sounds like kids playing and yelling around. I signaled for them to wait and approached the scene. And what I found shocked me. There were FOUR walking talking Turtles. And what's more surprising is that they're skateboarding in an isolated park.

Well, I heard about them before of course. Shredder's very obsessed in destroying them and all and his daughter, (my superior) Karai, is kinda addicted with the Turtle in blue, Leonardo. Other than that, I don't know much about them. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't intrigued. They look very different. At that moment, the Foot's supposed-to-be leader walked up to me and asked what my orders are. I told him to not attack. Of course, he was fairly surprised. He asked me why and I snapped at him and said that they weren't doing anything to us anyway. But that wasn't the whole truth obviously. I wanted to know more about them. I decided to stalk them, but before I could give them the order to leave, I saw the blue-banded one stop his skateboard and turned to look at my direction. I hid further in the shadows, the ninjas following my example.

Honestly? I felt very exposed. It's like he was staring into my very soul. Despite me wearing a full body ninja outfit and a mask covering my face. I instantly knew he sensed something because he called the attention of his brothers and nodded to our direction. I knew we wouldn't be able to hide anymore and told the orders to spread out and attack them at all directions. The ninjas agreed and scattered. I watched as they leaped to the ground and attacked the Turtles. I needed to watch their moves.

I saw how they defeated my ninjas easily, and knocked them all out. But I noticed the supposed-to-be leader point at me and call my name. I nearly threw my shuriken at him. What a damn idiot. Now he blew my cover!

I hid further into the shadows as I saw the Turtles look at my direction and zoomed up the fire escapes. I gritted my teeth and brought out my sword, running towards them. I first attacked the weakest one, the purple guy, and watched him duck at my kick. I then swung my sword at the orange one's head and he yelped and jumped out of the way. I spin kicked the purple and saw him fly away into a wall. I then turned to the red one and I admit, I had a hard time fighting him. He uses so much physical strength. But I managed to knock him out of the fight and turned to the blue one, the one Karai and Shredder seemed to have interests on. I saw his weapon of choice, twin katanas, and thought that maybe he will be more of a challenge.

I swung at him and he blocked. He kicked and I dodge. Our swords crossed, and pulled back, and crossed again. It seemed the fight is never ending, with the exception of his brothers randomly joining the fight. But finally, I tricked the blue one and flicked a shuriken past his ear and when he glanced at it, I retreated to the shadows. If there was one thing I was REALLY good at other than swords and computers, it's my stealth. I can even sneak past Karai sometimes. So I know it's essential to use it NOW. I watched as they searched around them, the red one cursing and telling them that they lost me. I almost snickered, I was just behind the orange one and they couldn't see me?

I realized that I'm growing obsessed with them too. Especially the blue one, Leonardo. I decided to meet him. I threw him a note, one I always kept in case I need to threaten or catch the attention of someone, and left the place. I didn't stay to see how he looked at it. What matters is I know he'll come.

The note I always carried was:

"I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. If you want your secret to be safe, come and meet me at midnight in Central Park. Don't come, and the Shredder will find out about this. And trust me, your family will PERISH."

And guess what? He came. All alone I might add. Many of you will probably ask, 'why did you say that?' and 'Do you really know where they live?' Honestly, I don't. But I just wanted to meet this Turtle that got both my superiors' interest. I hate to admit it, but we chatted. That's right, CHATTED. I told him about how much I hated the Shredder and that in turn, everyone hated ME as well. I can see it in their eyes. The only reason they kept me around is because I was the one who controlled their security. I don't know, I got the feeling he could help me.

He was wary of me, I can't blame him. But I think he finally thought that I was telling the truth and he told me a bit about him. He's really careful. Almost catching himself when he's about to say IMPORTANT things. And soon enough, we became friends. That's right again. My enemy and I became FRIENDS. He asked why I asked him to meet with me and I told the truth. I said I was interested with them, and that I needed someone to get myself out of Shredder's control. He agreed, but under one condition. That I started helping him and his brothers whenever the Shredder had plans. Kinda like a spy. I agreed. Truthfully, I really wanted to get out of the Foot. They're all just stupid idiots obsessed with power. The Turtles are a real loving family, and before I knew it, I told him bits about my past. And I became angry with myself at this one, but I CRIED. He understood, and told me he will do everything he can to get me out of there. Thus, ending our meeting.

Since then, I've been helping them with their missions. And I've been fairly good at hiding things, if I do say so myself.

PS: Crap. One of the Turtles just found out about this site and found out about me. (Specifically, an annoying little critter named Michelangelo) so I need to keep his mouth shut to retain my dignity. I mean, no one would honestly find a ninja in a site like this right? Right. So I should quit babbling now before anymore secrets accidentally got revealed.

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