About this loser

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You may call me Dark, Roman, or anything else I'm fine with. ( just ask! c: )
My birthday is on February 21.
I'm Asian; Chinese and Vietnamese.
I love Korean and Japanese music. I listen to it everyday.
I draw; it's hobby that I'll never grow tired of and it's fun.
I love video games a lot, so yeah I'm a nerd.
I love to watch anime & read manga all the time.
My old username was Roman Ninja Girl

1/2 prince / animal crossing / bakuman / blue exorcist / fairy tail / final fantasy / horimiya / kagerou project / kingdom hearts / kuroko no basuke / legend of zelda / my neighbor totoro / noragami / shin megami tensei: persona games / pokemon / psycho-pass / spirited away / tales of series / the world ends with you / tokyo ghoul / and a lot more!!~

ask for 3DS friend code: animal crossing: new leaf, kingdom hearts: dream drop distance, pokemon x, super smash bros 3DS, harvest moon: a new beginning, persona q: shadow of the labyrinth, pokemon alpha sapphire, monster hunter 4 ultimate, shin megami tensei: devil survivor 1 & 2, story of seasons, monster hunter generations, etc

ask for PSN: Earth Defense Force 2025, Final Fantasy XV, Little Big Planet 3, Persona 4 Golden, Persona 5, Toukiden - Kiwami

I do not accept random friend requests.
so talk to me first please before sending me requests~

I'm not really on Gaia anymore.
But feel free to leave a pm or comment if you want to talk.

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