Me, Myself, and I

On Gaia to get away from the real world when I come home and relax. I'm a cynical person who drops quick witted jokes too often. That's enough info about me right? Awesome.
Age: 19

FAQ: Are you new? Haha no I'm not. I've been around Gaia since 06-07 ish. I don't remember. Much of my Gaia experience has been a blur. Anyways I'm on Gaia still just to talk to other people now that most of my other friends have all abandoned gaia for twitter and instagram. I fly around all over Gaia so you'll likely find me in the rally, a jigsaw chat, or blackjack.

Donate gold?: Broke b***h so no.

Have we met before? Your user sounds familiar. Probably because on a tons of other sites do I go by this name? But actually no in the past I've gone through 3 usernames (or less?). And all of them were far from this username.