Dah Music Of Jacob!!

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Dah Jacob Seymour

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Birthday: 08/11

Comment Tah Dah Jacob And Let Yo Thoughts Loose!!

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chrisbrown_ily Report | 11/26/2011 5:32 pm
Toxic-Ice125 Report | 07/05/2011 9:29 pm
hey dad i' miss u for years for now i miss yuh crying crying crying crying crying
i be ur chick Report | 06/22/2011 10:12 pm
i be ur chick
Hey Jacob I Miss Yuh!
Writtenvampyre Report | 06/21/2011 1:58 pm
it didn't come out wrong... thanks. wink lets meet up some time.
lucky_vangster123 Report | 08/02/2010 10:08 am
was sup how u doin biggrin
ElectricPiilot Report | 06/29/2010 10:59 am
hey, long time no see.
i be ur chick
Lil Eliana
lonny is a cutie
emo_chick Skywalker
brianne pye
brianne pye

My little sister that I love so much and I would do anthing for her and if anyone trys to hurt her or ******** with her I swear on me life I'll put a bullet through they ******** heart and hit them where it hurts.# I love you Lexy


I like em all, I like em all, It don't matter to me baby cause I like the way you are

My little girl is growing up faster than I thought and I feel bad that I am not there everyday to be on here with here to make her as happy as she want to.# I love you Angel (:


I tried to love, tried to love her but I know I could neva fall back in love with her. Cause she did me wrong for far so long. I lied, She lied, She cheated and tried to apologize, but in my mind I wonder is it bad to critize when you are the one who is the bad one... *pause*.. Love is so Rate R


I was 16 rappin at 8 years old, I went out in the world feelin so cold, Then my mama try to abandon me and my littles sister when she was 5 years old, I took my sister in my hands living under a small roof force to be called a MAN, Love wasn't a option but being mistreated was always there, I felt the love for one girl and it is no longer there, She told me she love me and we would face the world together, so i sat down and wrote her a poem and a letter, She finally understood what me and my little sister been trhough, She asked, "what the hell am i soppouse to do".. I told her, "nothing you can do is jst pack yo bags and never come back because me and my sister running away and NEVER COMIN BACK".. So you see the world is so cold, so me and my sister was force to call a place called hell ..home..

Ain't she beautiful?! A good friend that won't be forgotten.. :) I sabor our memories