I have a BA in Asian Studies with a minor in Japanese. I spent about four months here in Japan during school and liked it so much I came back! I imagine that I'll stay here at least three or four years, if not just because getting Long Term Residency was such a pain. After this, I think I'll go to Peru. My girlfriend is crazy about Quechua.

I write, a little bit, but not well. I play piano a little bit. I roleplay, but mostly just with one or two very old friends. I plan to pass Japanese National Language Proficiency Test N2 next summer. I have an interesting educational history. Opera makes me feel like nothing else, although I also have a certain fondness for the heavier musicals. Repo, Sweeney Todd. Into the Woods.

I also insist that Phantom of the Opera, as much as it was a satire of the form, did it so tongue in cheek that it should be classified as an operetta. If that's my worst quirk, so sue me. xD

Vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore. Tebaldi -and- Maria Callas. Beethoven over Mozart, Chopin over any other writer of preludes save Rachmaninoff, and no one can play those anyway.

PM me. biggrin I guess I come off as a little formal to some people and really silly to others-- it just depends on the day. Either way, I love to talk. And play zOMG with new people, especially! (And old people too!)