~The Real Wolf~

My name, in real life, is James, Yakov, or Jamahl (that which my homies in streets call me). My last name is extremely long, and no-one that I've ever met, pronounced my name correctly in my native tongue (that being Russian).

I'm still a student in high school, but during the weekend, and sometimes even during the week, I play music in the vast amount of night-clubs and bars around Melbourne. I'm also a DJ and you can hear me in some night-clubs givin' the dancers a good time.

If you wanted to describe my personality, it would be warm. I'm very friendly to friends, and to new people that I've met, and it's in my Eastern European blood to protect these people and to help them out at any time. However, I have a tendency to act cold to people who have hurt my friends in any way.

As for how I look like...well...since I haven't got a digital picture, I'll describe myself...I'm big (6'3" big), brown hair, brown eyes, wavy hair, growing side-burns...Ah, screw it, I'll just get the digital camera.

Likes: Music, friendly people, Melbourne and Chicago (both cities rock!), friends, and extremely cold days where it snows.

Dislikes: Country music (*Shivers*), people who hurt friends, sexists, racists, extremely hot days.

~Music and My Life~

I'm part of couple of bands in and around Melbourne, currently, a band I drummed for broke up, so I'm looking for another band ,one that doesn't play boring rock-beats, but that plays funk, jazz and R&B. Anyone who needs a drummer feel free to pm me!

On top of being a drummer, I'm also a composer and an arranger, and I do these for many of the bands I play in. Overall, the biggest project I've ever taken on is to compose an entire piece just for a 19-piece big-band.

For drumming, I've got a nice sounding 6 piece Pacific drum-kit, with a silverish colour, and to accompany it, a Sabian HHX 20" ride, Sabian HHX 16" crash, a 16" Meinl Meteor Brass Crash (which I picked up at a garage sale for $25, and has since been my lucky cymbal), and 14" Istanbul Agop Turk Hi-hats. Together with these, I use Vic Firth, simply because the name sounds funny to me.

Anyway, that's it about me, why not drop in a comment and say g'day!


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KILLER 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is where I write long lists of things that I hate. You are most welcome to write something as well. Let off some anger.



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Report | 02/26/2012 7:22 am


The ball's in your court dear, we have a lot to catch up on. I hope to hear back from you eventually, but if not I guess that is how the dice have rolled.
x-l J i n x l-x

Report | 10/15/2011 5:42 pm

x-l J i n x l-x

It's been forever, no?
How long as it been, ookami?
Years now, I believe.
Perhaps even more.
We should talk sometime to catch up.

Report | 06/10/2010 8:04 pm


I know you don't get on much... but If you do, hit me up...
I havent had much fun recently. Figure I'll check to see if someone elses reality is getting any better.
Musica della Notte

Report | 08/13/2009 4:16 am

Musica della Notte


Long time, no talk!!

Hope that you've been well!

Report | 07/26/2009 2:08 am


Even so, don't let your head get too big and pop.

Report | 07/26/2009 2:03 am


Oh, sounds like a blast. Just don't overload yourself so suddenly. Life isn't all about being #1.

Report | 07/25/2009 10:51 am


Going to 11th, you?

Report | 07/24/2009 3:02 am


Oh, yea...Very hard to get back to normal now.

Eh, I need to get my act together. =P

Report | 07/23/2009 2:07 pm


Nothing much, just trying to get back to regular sleep from Polyphasic sleep. Its a real pain in the ass. You?

Report | 07/22/2009 1:32 am


Hey Yakov


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