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men also call me the devil.
But what do they know of the Queen of hell?of good and evil?

Nothing!! they fear that in wich they do not understand.
they hate what they do not know.
men are ignorant.
Stupid,blinded,fearful beings
small fragile creatures living in constant fear.
My name is Zaku i am the lord of the burnt lands.
the god of the other world.the master of shadows the queen of dead.

humans tremble in my presence
for good reason.
i know no pity.i despise weakness! i do not know love and am only capable of hatred...
i do not know peace and am always at war.
i am the lord of chaos!the god of wrath.the god of revenge.

many have defied me,betrayed me or battled me...
they had already met with the acrid taste of failure and humiliation..
they become my prey,my toys,my slaves i wanted them to remember their defeat...
i wanted them to remember who there master was!

This is Zaku
Finally we Get To Me....

The Names Richard...

im 23 & my birthdays the 23 of march..

i like to play Video games
my favorites consist of Rpg's like Final Fantasy and Legend of Dragoon.
i also like fighting games like Tekken,Soul Calibur,and any sort of Dragonball Z game..
I like All the Monster Hunter games,im currently playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
i like shooting games such as halo,golden eye,and perfect dark,gears of war,cod - mw3
i like Dance Dance Revolution,RockBand,and Guitar hero.
the Devil May Cry & God Of War franchise are amazing!
no matter how OP they may be

there is a ton of other games i love too....
just cant remember any of them at the moment O.o

i also play Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic The Gathering

As for music Genre..
i pretty much listen to and like anything i can HeadBang to...
My favorite band is System of a Down
Favorite Rap Family is the Insane Clown Posse

These are some of the bands im currently listening to:

God Forbid
Alice in Chains
Amon Amarth
Arch Enemy
As i lay Dying
The Black Dahlia Murder
Bullet for my Valentine
Cypress Hill
Blue Oyster Cult
The Doors
Dropkick Murphys
Drowing Pool
In Flames
Iron Maiden
Kottonmouth Kings
Led Zeppelin
Linkin Park
No Doubt
The Offspring
Pearl Jam
Pink Floyd
The Pillows
Puddle of Mud
Rage against the machine
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rob Zombie
Senses Fail
Sonic Youth
Static X
Suicide Silence
The Sword
Tenacious D
Tom Petty
Van Halen
Waka Floka
Wiz Khalifa

The Great Zaku Has Been Re-awakened

Some of My Role Play Charecters

Name:Uchiha Zaku
Bloodline-Trait:Original Sharingan,Black Flame Darkness Dragon
Sharingan-This ability allows zaku's sight to become faster.faster in the sense that the speed of anything she looks at seems to slow down before her very self.Allowing the eyes to capture what they see down to every detail.Techniques are copied,broken down and used by zaku at her own convinence.Other abilities have been known to come forth through transformation.
BFDG-This isnt a technqique but a transformation into her races most powerful creation the black flamed dragon.By collecting enough hatred,evil,and chaos caused by her own hand,Zaku will gather enough evil essence and power to become a giant dragon of darkend flames and or a smaller Dragoon like dark flamed dragon.There isnt much known about this technique until transformation takes place.
Abilities:Mastery of many martial arts,Alchemy Seals,Summoning jutsu,and physical energy attacks
Special Abilities:The more she fights the stronger she becomes.The more near death expiriences she faces will make her become stronger.
Weapons:Masamune wich is a long katana 87 inches in length.
Bio:Zaku was born on the distant planet Zhou-Tai,a planet inhabited by a race of human like aliens known as the Arawn.The arawn are warriors,born to battle and love to fight no matter the circumstance because battle makes the arawn stronger.The Arawns are also a race of infinite age,they live for centuries without old age taking theirs lives the only downside is every 500 years they have to rest and a long rest it is.

The entire planet was somehow infected with a deadly virus,one that could destroy every living thing in a matter of weeks.Zaku was 20 years old when the planet was infected.Already knowing just about everything there is to know about her race,she couldnt allow them to live any longer,thus she created the viral toxin that devistated and destroyed her own planet and race.

Zaku left planet Zhou-Tai and began her many travels,ending up on a planet much similar to her own.With life but still a desire for destruction she could sense from the beings of this planet.To control them,she created her own people,her own unique race to control the human population thus the Uchiha clan was born.Made up of anything she could mend together.Logs,water,ex.
Apperance:User Image

Name: Terra "Nova"
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Blood ((Human/Alien))
Class: Paladin

Bloodline-Trait: Shikotsumyaku - "Dead Bone Pulse" is the Kekkei Genkai of the Kaguya clan, which gives them the ability to manipulate their own skeletal structure. By infusing their calcium with chakra, they can manipulate the growth and properties of their bones to their likings.

Abilities: Mastery in multiple fighting styles,Mastery in forms of Ninjutsu n Taijutsu,Mastery in a variety of weapons preferably heavy swords,Mastery in creating dimensions and time altering,Along with her expertise with a sword,she combines the skill with another equaly powerful skill "Magic" as its known most of the time.Combining both skills to create Marvelous and Malevolent attacks,barriers, and seal's.

Special Abilities: "Super Nova" This technique is a transformation of the body in wich darkened flames, also known as the flames of "Amarestu" Begin to form within the users body.Created from the blood of an Arawn and the users base energy,the users body begins to go through drastic changes.Taking on many different forms but still keeping the general idea that the body will be engulfed in the darkened flames and the users power level will rise far beyond its natural state.

Anytime during the transformation,multiple techniques may be used all of wich spread the flames throughout the area.Causing them to spread like wildfire that when touched,the flames will burn any object for several days.The latest number of days being seven.The flames intensity also increases at will by the user.The highest ever recorded was a flame that matched the intensity of the sun itelf.

The techniques weakness is that it consumes alot of energy from both user and the sun.Meaning the users body acts like a solar panel while in the desired state.Absorbing as much energy from the suns rays until the body is able to accept the abnormity and mold together with the users energy in order to create the desired transformation.This usualy involves a set period of time for the user to concentrate on the absorbtion in a sort of meditating fashion.The set time that is needed varies upon user. for the most part taking anywhere from 10-30 minuetes.Leaving the user "almost" vulnerable to an attack.

Weapons: A broad,heavy sword dubbed "The Butterfly Edge".This blade looks more like a work of art than a weapon used for combat.Its heavily designed with Multiple descriptions of various butterflies that seem to be embedded into its material.Although it may be beautiful to look upon,it has various abilities built within it.Some from the sword itself,others that unfold at Terras will.This makes the blade more flexible and easier to use for its owner.One of its many abilities is to seperate itself in many different ways,connected by either chain or physical energy,Sometimes resembling a set pattern.

Bio: Terra,Also known as "Nova" is the daughter of Loki Kaguya and Violet Uchiha.She comes from a time where there is nothing but war and depression of all kinds.Brought up by both parents and taught various things that would later help in her travels through time,Terra had taken it upon herself to travel through dimensional rifts.Altering certain things that had made the future she grew to know the hellish and grim place that it was.Driven by the desire to change her time,terra had arranged a meeting with her grandmother,The legendary Zaku in order to learn more about her heritage and the ways of the past.With this new found information,she hopes to change the past to make for a better future.
Appearance: User Image

Name:Amidimaru "Ryuu Metaru" ((Dragon of Metal))
Age:38 ((Highlander))
Race:Ancient Dragon

Bloodline-Trait:Metaru-midare-zakura ((Metal Manipulation))
This allows his dragon abilities to activate when not in the transformed state.
The ability to Mend,morph,and Manipulate any metal around him((within a specific radius))at his own will.Including the metals within his body,within the earth beneath him,and the metal from weapons.

Abilities:Chikatsu Saisei no Jutsu (Healing Resuscitation Regeneration Technique)
Dokumeki no Jutsu (Poison Extraction Technique)
Kakuremino no Jutsu (Cloak of Invisibility Technique)
Kanashibari no Jutsu (Temporary Paralysis Technique)
Kaze no Yaiba (Blade of Wind)
Kongo Roheki (Adamantine Prison Wall)
Saiko Zettai Bogyo: Metaru Ryuu no Tate (Extreme Hard Ultimate Defense: Shield of The Metal Dragon)
Shinranshin no Jutsu (Mind Body Disturbance Technique)
Shoten no Jutsu (Shapeshifting Technique)
Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique)
Soshuha (Manipulating Attack Blades)
Sozo Saisei (Creation Rebirth)
Toton Jutsu (Transparent Escape Technique)

Special Abilities:Metaru Ryuu Transformation-
Amidimaru takes on the form of his true self,A giant metal dragon.His physical attributes increase drasticaly and his ability to control metal becomes more powerful as well.
Weapons:Kusanagi no Tsurugi: Ku no Tachi (Kusanagi Sword: Long Sword of the Heavens)

Bio:Amidimaru was born around the Feudal Japan era.Growing up in a small village with his clan members.As he grew,so did his birth given abilities.When he turned 15,for his "comming of age" ceremony,he was forced to fight his father as a training exercise and to be accepted into the brotherhood of the Samurai.By the age of 25,he had mastered the samurai way as he did with his own unique abilities.It was around this time when he first encountered the legendary zaku.Zaku showed up with an army of her very own creation,the "uchiha" and took out the entire Metaru Ryuu clan while they slept.Amidimaru tried his hardest to defend his clan and was the only survivor.amidimaru killed more than half the army before finaly being taken captive by zaku.After seeing the great power within and acknowledging amidimaru's unique bloodline trait,Zaku decided to take amidimaru in and manipulated him to do her bidding.after time,amidimaru began to grow on zaku and she offered him the chance to become an immortal of age or "highlander" and the protector of earth.amidimaru gladly took zaku up on her offer,thinking it would give him the chance to one day avenge his clan.Little did he know that zaku had already taken this into consideration and erased his memories upon performing the ritual.Now amidimaru lives his days doing zaku's bidding and defending the planet when needed,maby to one day discover the truth that had been taken from him finaly avenge his clan.

Appearance:User Image

Name:Violet "Uchiha" Lotus
This bloodline-trait is a combination between the sharingan,and the "force" like from star wars.
Enabling her to have all the attributes of the normal 3 tomoe sharingan embedded with the ranged ability of being able to control the energy of the life force that surrounds everything.To a certain extent though.Each upgraded form,like the previous sharingan forms upgrades her abilities and also the range in wich she can control things.
The "force" ability that happens can only be used by spreading her own energy "visably" to the target,in turn meaning she now has the concept of controlling that object.Everything else remains the same.
The pupils look the same as the origanal sharingan only inverted.

Abilities:Master in multiple Martial Arts and an Expert in Ninjutsu-Taijutsu-Genjutsu.Master Alchemy Seal given to her by Draco,Son of Vendrex "lord of dragons"
Special Abilities:Like her brother Rokai,Violet is able to form weapons out of her physical energy dubbed
"Plasma ((whatever the weapon is))"
Consisting of anything that comes to mind.
Weapons:Besides the plasma weapons she can create the only other weapon she weilds is a normal samurai katana.
Bio:Born as the daughter of the great uchiha mother Zaku and a father in wich there is no information on,Her only alter ego is her twin brother Rokai.The two are an unstoppale team consisting of attack and defence combonations.Both violet and rokai were raised seperately from the other children of zaku,due to the father situation,this would make them outkast's.
Zaku strictly raised them for the soul purpose of killing,aSSASSINS by day and by night.
Appearance:User Image

Freya is an ability that consists of shapeshifting to its finest point,along with singalarity technique manipulation.
Abilities:Manipulates techniques and movement of opponents with ease and wasting little energy
Special Abilities:Following his blood trait and abnormal abilities,lotus mutates into a giant shell,collecting energy from within his ultimate defense.when enough energy is gathered,the shield explodes,sending waves of compressed energy within a certain radius and distance.This could cause only temp. harm.This ability combines with the rest specialy the sharingan.The energy waves read everything they touch or come in contact with.Sending all the information back to lotus and allowing him to strategise against and manipulate the opposing to an extent.
Bio:Lotus is a bio-enchanced expiriment created by zaku.Many biju experiments and body manipulation put together make this creature.its sole purpose is to follow its creator and cause mayhem and chaos to everything and everyone,a weapon of mass destruction.It only obeys zaku and follows her exact has no feelings of its own,and doesnt care for anyone else's
Appearance:Lotus appears with only a pair of black pants on,its body ordinarily taking the form of a obsessably ripped male that stands 8 foot 3 in.It has long black hair that extends to the mid section of its spine,and has a skin tone thats violet.

Name:Solidus Sorridus
Bloodline-Trait:Black Flame Dragon-This blood related trait allows sorridus to have her body consumed in "black" fire wich is caused from the Amarestu or shinning heaven flames.Making the outside of her body take the shape of a miniature black dragon.On the outside,the flames are as hot as the sun,anything the flames touch will burn for seven days and seven nights before finaly putting itself out.The inside of the flames that surround sorridus are cold as ice,making a perfect mixture that her body can withstand.The technique is based on extreme usages of energy and alchemy.
Abilities:Alchemy,Mastery in martial arts, Expertesee's rely in Assassin and ninja skill's and technique's
Special Abilities:Her Main Technique is to Summon Creatures,and elementals from combining them with blood,energy,or the unique combonation of the two.
Summons go as far as either summoning something to fight along side of her or Merging herself with a summon,to become more powerful and learn new skills.This usualy takes alot of energy.Each summon can last up to 30 min.And can only be destroyed by completly annialating the summon,sorridus, or destroying the scroll before and while the summon exists.
Weapons:Multiple Kunai n Shuriken,and two Dual Katanas that rest on her back.
Bio:Sorridus was the only daughter of the late Hatake Kakashi.Found by zaku when she was only an infant,zaku gave her the sharingan in her right eye to honor and live up to her Father.Besides the sharingan,zaku trained sorridus without mercy.Making her an expert in almost everything involving ninja and assassin skills.Her sole purpose in existance is to better serve Zaku,her goddess.
Appearance:Sorridus would appear as a 6 foot 2in tall women,with a beautiful face n body.Her Long silver hair extends beyond her knees,and her attire is just like her sensei's old battle uniform.A suit made entirely of random belted straps and gadgets,covered by a Giesha like Kimoto.

Name: Kaguya Loki aka "Blade"
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Clan: Kaguya
Race: Human
Class: "Shogun" Blademaster ((Weaponry/Physical Energy))
Shikotsumyaku (屍骨脈; Literally meaning "Dead Bone Pulse") is the Kekkei Genkai of the extinct Kaguya clan, which gave them the ability to manipulate their own skeletal structure. By infusing their calcium with chakra, they can manipulate the growth and properties of their bones to their likings.

The main capabilities of Shikotsumyaku is allowing the user to manipulate their bones' growth. This allows them to create weapons of bones that can either protrude from any part of the body, or pulled out and used like hand held weapons. They can even fire pieces of their bones as long-ranged projectiles. Any bone that they remove from the body immediately regenerates, as does the skin that is damaged when the bones are removed. Users can increase the density of the created bones, making them stronger than steel. This not only makes the created weapons very powerful, but also makes their bodies virtually indestructible.
the bones can also be forced to grow from the ground, as a form of a ninjutsu, and that he can emerge from any of these bones.

Abilities:Following the abilities that come along with the "Dead Bone Pulse" technique.There are some skills and techniques that loki has created and manifested on his own.

*Bone Armor-This technique occurse after the "dead bone pulse" has been activated.The bones that have been ejected from his body begin to form around and fit any of his bodies formation.Creating a full body armor plating that is makes itself more dense and almost indestructable pending on how much energy the user puts into the technqiue.The only weakness to armor is that each time the user has to make the bones more dense,it causes a great deal of fatigue to occure and drains 10%-20% of the users energy that is used to maintain the armor.Not counting the users "all around" energy flow.

*Borealis Glyph Mail-An upgraded form of the "bone armor" that allows the user to use up less energy to protect himself at the cost of agility and flexibility.This armor is also protected by a special coating that allows energy based attacks and or technqiue to be easily reflected back to the user without fail.

*Dark Lotus-A Powerful technique that engulfs the user in a violet haze of energy that allows the user to adapt to there surroundings much easier.Making "All" the users stats increase x10. This technique strains the body to 1/4 its use unless properly trained and is quite a hassel to learn and master.

*Blossoming Lotus-Stage two of the Dark lotus technique.can only be obtained during "dark lotus",the violet haze begins to glow and become as thick as the thickest of fogs.The users stats increase x20 as does the users muscle mass.Becomming a bulky yet very quick foe full of rage and raw power.this ability strains the body even further than the first stage and causes the user to loose there grip on reality almost becomming a full fledged psychopath.

*Crimson Lotus-The final stage of the "dark Lotus",the aura that surrounds the user turns into a visable Red energy field wich powers up the user x30 of there previous status gain and strains the body to the bronk of destruction.Although the user gained the power needed to defeat there foe,there mentality has been completly morphed.Loosing all sense of reality the user transforms into a complete stage of "beserker" no longer able to control themselves or act on there own.There thirst for power and chaos is relentless and they will stop at nothing until they have filled the hole in wich there heart had once occupied.This final stage also unlocks loki's final transformation after about 20 minuetes of beserker mode.

*Shinato ((angelic transformation)) :
This transformation can only be obtained if loki is on the "defensive" during a battle.Taking on the form of his true "holy" side,loki begins to look like an angelic being,6 feathered wings sprout from the bones on his back,3 on each side.This transformation allows him to control and weild Positive energy without fail.The final weapon in this transformation is a cannon dubbed "Oblivion" A large amount of positive and holy energy is gathered into his right arm and shot in one direction,the radius and width are controlled before the firing of this weapon.Once fired,it will travel many miles until finaly dieing out,taking out anything in its path,erasing it and cleansing it with the holy power thats used to weild it.

*Lucius ((demonic transformation)) :
This transformation can only be obtained if loki is on the "offensive" during a battle.Taking the form of his true "Chaos" side.Loki begins to look like a demonic being with dark feathered wings that sprout from the bones on his back,3 on each side.this transformation allows him to control and wield negative energies around and within him without fail.the final form of this weapon dubbed "Armageddon" is a sword that contains the highest amount of "Chaotic" energy within,one stroke can cause destruction and chaos across the land,turning everything into ruin's.

Special Abilities:
*Zangetsu-The Zangetsu is an illusionary prevenitive technique given to loki by the "legendary" zaku.It took place of his scared right eye wich had been injured during one of his many battles.The eye would appear to be blank until active,once active the zangetsu appears like the ordinary 3 tomoe sharingan but with 3 different colored tomoes,one representing a different element that loki can manifest into an energy attack,these colors may vary pending on the user.There are two effects that take place once the zangetsu is active. 1)The weilder's stats will increase x5 making them stronger,faster,focused,and more intelligent. 2)The main purpose of the eye is to negate or prevent the user from being effected by "all" illusionary based abilities such as abilities caused from the eye,mind,and body.The to power the eye the user must exhaust at least 1/4 of there energy into it and overusage of this technique can cause the weilder to loose there mental status,making them into hollowed out shells full of hatred and vengance.This technique was only given to loki and was specificly created as an "ultimate weapon" against the Uchiha Clan members.

*"Guantlets of Power" -These are special guantlets forged and created by Vendrex "lord of Dragons" and Zaku "the Legend".Given to loki upon completion of his "highlander" ritual.The guantlets are made from the finest Dragonic materials known and were specificaly created for the use of all Alchemy thus the "master alchemy seal" that was ingraved into both guantlets.The guantlets our powered by both the weilders Energy and by absorbing the Souls that are filled with hatred and vengence. or just demonic souls in general.Within these guantlets lays a special chain made of the weilders Energy that forms into a physical property usualy the form of a chain.It has the same properties of any other chain like item except the weilder can equip them with any sort of element that the guantlets can help produce.
The weakness of these guantlets is that the weilder slowly looses grip on reality just as the Zangetsu does.Making it almost impossible to ressist the urge for Mayhem and Destruction.

The only other weapons loki weilds are Swords created and crafted by Vendrex from parts of mythical and ancient creatures.Each containing there own special purpose and unique ability.

The Swords:

*Eternal Eradicator-A heavy sword forged by the decendants of a defeated clan.the hope of redemption fuels its power.This sword contains high amounts of dragon attribute making its impact almost as if the dragon itself had stricken the earths surface.

*Wailing Cleaver-a sword of regret and hope.Aswordsman drunk on power,felled by a disciple.This katana was said to have been blessed by the "thunder god".This blade can produce high doses of electrical and thunderous currents at the weilders will.

*Wyvernblade "Silver"-A cool blade that heats you to the core.Beauty and Violence all in one sword.This blade has the power to produce the hottest of flames and the nastiest of poisons.One strike from this blade could give a whole new meaning to the word "death" .

*Hidden Saber-A very dark long sword,it cuts best in trained hands.How its made remians a secret.This blade is ment for one purpose,Cutting anything in its path using raw power and unheard of sharpness.

*Lost Black Katana-Legends say that by merely landing on its supreme edge a bug will be cut in two.This blade is the sharpest known to man and requires great skill to using this blade in a strategic fashion,the weilder can also gain a great deal of defence.

*Hidden Ones-Jet black swords.they say every leader of a band of assassins has used these.Dual swords that have a higher quality of sharpness than most blades.Tactical skill and strength are needed to weild these powerfuls blades.

Bio:Loki was found by Zaku in a forrest nearby a great waterfall.Stranded,desserted,and left for dead.Feeling pity for the child,zaku took him in and raised him as one of her own.Teaching him everything she knows about the world,mankind,peace and destruction.She also taught him great skills such as Martial arts,marksmanship,blade mastery and how to create and use the energy within him as a tool or weapon.
around the age of 12,loki had the skills and strength to take over small countries on his own is zaku would have it.His power constantly growing and his skills seeming to be highly unmatched by any other child.Zaku always saw great and terrible things within the boy and began to teach him even more things about himself that he still didnt know.About his bloodline trait,the demon within and even the Angelic pressence that both laid dormant inside his mind.Once reaching the age of 21,zaku had asked loki to partake in the trials of the "highlander" so that loki may be immortal by age and protect her for as long as she needed.Loki gladly took on this responsibility and passed his trials with ease thus becomming the "Guardian of Zaku".He forever pledged his alligance to her and lives on to this day,searching for the being who will end his life and finaly allow him to rest eternaly.


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Done By:'PandaSoup thanx again
Im Always looking for donations to help me regain my Old avi status.
Im also questing straw hats.if you got em i want them XD

Im also love Avi art if you can draw it.. ill buy it..
pm me details to get started..
I would also like someone to draw a pic of a few of my RPC's
if anyone can do that,pm me and ill send details or pic's of what i want...

if you wanna donate a pic that would be the Shiz!!

This was my first account-Ex-Turk_Vincent it was a fan based set up cuz im in love with Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy 7
I would be gay for that guy XD
seriously >.>


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