Get A Life Kathy

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Omg Ok@y S0
I like LieD Bef0r3 And I'm sick 0f
H0lding B@cK WhaT I R3Ally L00k Lik3
S0 H3re I @m! Mak3 Way For Ms.Beautiful!
OmG I @m so Hawt And y0u kn0w it!
I @m A wh0re, A f@ke, @nd I ******** 4 Fr33!

S0 Like if youre ever l00king for a cyb3r...
IM OPEN! Msg M3 on this acc0unt And We can Cyber:

TH@ts my F@k3 @cc0unt that I pUT F@k3 pics 0n! ;P

Smile For the paparazzi Kathy

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Kathy, I think Its about time you stop living a lie... Don't you think?

Is this what You wanted Kathy? Smile For the paparazzi Kathy.