I have reached the majority of my dream avi. I wanna thank ~!~skycruiser~!~ for the marvelous coco kitty plushie. my volleyball team, the Danes, got 4th place in a tournament...WE LOST TO A TEAM WEARING PINK! I love to sing, play the piano, and i used to play the guitar. I love cats as well. I'm single until further notice. so Pm me to go out with me!!

So you all know, the Masked Moon is a character i made up when i was bored in a yahoo chatroom. Someone shall be writing a book about this character. She was born on a lunar eclipse and wears black gloves, a black cape with a white moon and a yellow star sewn in it, a black long-sleeve shirt, black pants, black shoes and socks, and a black mask(like the zorro mask). But her most amazing features are her hair and necklace. Her necklace is in the shape of a cresant moon and is jade colored. When she uses too much strength, she can't become the Masked Moon and colapses. Her hair is bright red, the season will determine the length. She and her best friends the S


OK! I rule the world with Kyo. You obey me! If you call either of us a stupid cat then let's just say your head will be a wall decoration here in my room. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING!!

Ok, now that you know we can actually get started! I have an account on youtube. I am called EmeraldCittin777. I woulf love it if you would watch and rate my videos. I have finished watching all the Fruits Basket episodes in English. I am currently reading a book in school. I make many rps. If you see them and you like them, join them!

That's all for now! Cya later! ~Nyan~


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The_Masked_Moon's Really Awesome Life...NOT!

My forums, my life, and what we all love...A-N-I-N-M-E ANIME!!! No i am not a girly girl, but it was random. I aslo likea character i made up called The Masked Moon(MM for short) READ ALL ABOUT IT!


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I am the acrh enemy in the book. The enemy turns out to be the Masked Moon's annoying little brother.