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Amaya58 Report | 11/22/2015 3:06 pm
Thanks for buying!
The Dread Wolf Report | 09/05/2013 2:18 pm
The Dread Wolf
Welcome to the Rooster Teeth guild.
We are happy to accept you into the guild.

Feel free to post in the guild and have fun talking about everything rooster teeth. biggrin
Watson385 Report | 08/23/2013 8:20 pm
Thank you so much for buying!!
Ace_Alastaire Report | 08/20/2013 5:47 pm
There is no need for someone not affected by the puppy dog eyes.
Ace_Alastaire Report | 08/19/2013 9:24 pm
You should appreciate it, since I'm the only one who understands this lost art of Earth :3 Okay not at all, but it is genetic. You should like that I got it from you.

It's because you're initial anger was irrational and you've decidedto forgive me because you are the best mom ever? Hint hint wink wink nudge nudge?
Ace_Alastaire Report | 08/19/2013 9:17 pm
[colo=tomato] Yup. I did.

I'll just find a job where I wear long sleeves. Or somewhere that is cool with tattoos.
Ace_Alastaire Report | 08/19/2013 8:50 pm
I found a tattoo place. Duh mom. Why are you so pissed? They're -awesome-. And I made the money by working. Sorta. Does selling stuff you make as high tech toys on Earth count as working? I count it.

And no, they're all pretty normal, not going to get me in trouble based on what they are. Nothing dirty or anything.
Ace_Alastaire Report | 08/19/2013 8:43 pm
Yes... They are. They are awesome! I only have a few more spots to fill!

Unless you really are mad. In which case... No?
Ace_Alastaire Report | 08/19/2013 8:34 pm
I'm here because it's fun.

I wrote a rant on what's wrong with it. And I mentioned them because I find it hysterical. I could have also mentioned the tie for second that is Captain America and Thor.

And uh... I wanted my avatar to be as close to real as possible. Surprise? I love you?
Ace_Alastaire Report | 08/19/2013 8:20 pm
Hey mom! What's up?
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