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AngelicPuurlin's avatar

Report | 08/16/2014 12:48 am


Thank You for the cute gloves!
I'll wear them when Christmas comes! =D
Mental Crazy Hinata's avatar

Report | 08/13/2014 10:38 am

Mental Crazy Hinata

Thanks for tipping my post! Hope you have a nice day!
Tsuki Z's avatar

Report | 10/01/2012 11:11 pm

Tsuki Z

Thanks for the cupcake! blaugh
TaintedLotus's avatar

Report | 01/24/2012 9:36 am


Believe me,I'd love to see him perform as well.I do agree that living through the seventies would have been interesting,and definitely worth being older to see him sing.
TaintedLotus's avatar

Report | 01/23/2012 6:09 pm


As far as I know he doesn't perform any more due to heart attacks.From what I've gathered he had one that near killed him in around 2004.
TaintedLotus's avatar

Report | 01/22/2012 1:42 pm


Thanks. xd Glad there are others around who can appreciate David Bowie as well.
TheNerdyPanda's avatar

Report | 01/15/2012 12:12 pm


Your welcomez!! Also thankz you
TheNerdyPanda's avatar

Report | 01/15/2012 7:22 am


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! xD have a rawrsome day ;D
jojo_jus's avatar

Report | 12/28/2011 11:07 am


np, enjoy <3
Uncreative Artist's avatar

Report | 11/27/2011 3:44 pm

Uncreative Artist

It's ok xd
Nitroglycerin201's avatar

Report | 03/03/2011 11:52 pm


I think your avatar's super cute. : D
Zachary Rockwell's avatar

Report | 02/23/2011 10:35 pm

Zachary Rockwell

Thanks for the charity donation! heart
Hallucinogenics's avatar

Report | 02/23/2011 2:02 pm


thank you!
eliase's avatar

Report | 01/04/2011 5:45 pm


Thanks for the purchase, lovely lady. c:
Slowloris Incognito's avatar

Report | 09/15/2010 5:12 am

Slowloris Incognito

I just saw your new romantic tektek, it's pretty cute, the wastcoat is kinda weird. I might try making one.
RejectedLimpet's avatar

Report | 09/13/2010 2:29 pm


Yeah, i am. But it's just annoying. I've got the deputy head teaching me half my English neutral
He's alright, better than my other English teacher. She's just so boring about it all. Need some entheusiasm in teachers! Phaa.
Wow. 6:30am? That's crazy. Your poor liver! Haha ^^ So.. i assume it was a good night? D'you remember them? Or are you the sort that miss snippets of the evening, if not, the whole thing? ;L
Aaand i tried to look for you. BUT i couldn't find you. You got your page hidden? Fair play to you, just means finding you is going to be a pain in the a** ;P
You can search for me if you'd like. Mi nombre es Sarah Boyle ;]. I know there are quite a few of "me" but i think i'm a few pages in. Not sure. Someone told me at work that i was ;L
Anywho. Nevermind. Hope you're feeling better by the time you've read this.

Ohh, and what are the stickers for? :S
RejectedLimpet's avatar

Report | 09/11/2010 11:46 am


Heh, I can only speak basics. I can read it though, ish.
Its cool though because we've just had a family friend move in with us, year older than me but is initially in my year of sixth form due to complications becaus he's moving over from Spain. So we kinda add a few Spanish words into our conversations. I don't mind, I but i can't gibber on! Know a few naughty words in it now though wink
Wow. 27th? Lucky.
Ha, yeah. I bet your first week will be hectic. Hope it will be; if I get more homework than you in my first week of sixth form whilst your in uni then somethings wrong razz
Hahahaa ;D
I know this is cheeky to ask, but could i befriend you on faceyb? I go on it more often than Gaia because gaia is starting to become less important than everything else i do on the tinternet.
RejectedLimpet's avatar

Report | 09/09/2010 10:40 am


Wooowww this is a late reply.
And is probably going to end up as another essay. But i don't get much chance to get on here really.
How annoying. ¬¬

Anywho. Passed all my GCSE's. There were 5 C's, 3 B's, 2 A's and 1 A*.
So yeah. Pretty pleased ;D
Now i'm just struggling to cope with the amount of homework eek that's been thrusted in my face. Es muy estupido!

Oooh wow. Go your Mum and the Indian food ;L
And yeah. Cocktails are yummy but no no ;P
Hahaaa. So, you back at Uni yet? Hope you're ok ;D
The Massacre Doll's avatar

Report | 08/31/2010 1:42 pm

The Massacre Doll

You're welcome. C:
Insane Innocence's avatar

Report | 08/30/2010 3:13 pm

Insane Innocence

I do indeed like them.
Thank you. <3
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