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Music my release of stress

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RenZMoM Report | 07/25/2009 12:36 am
just wanted to stop on by to say wha's up?
Xx_Mistaken_xX Report | 11/27/2008 8:53 am
flutist140 Report | 06/20/2008 1:27 pm
hi, sarah! :]
The.Scarfed.Avenger Report | 05/30/2008 11:03 am
hehe, my video is soo funny xD when i first saw it i laughed so hard

sorry about not posting, i wasn't around for a month or so so i guess i kinda forgot User Image



Music is one of my passions.
I play trumpet, Cornet, Guitar, keyboard, and the drum set
I also love sports.
I play softball, soccer, badmiten, and swim
I am a loner and I will stay that way for a long time. Its a social stigma I know but I'de rather be a loner and be my self than change.
A crowded room, all alone, to become a loner.

Have you ever felt you're are alone.
I don't mean alone in a dark room at night.
I mean alone in a crowded room filled with people.
And no one knows what you've been through, the pain you've felt.
Utter dread and terror consume your thoughts at 1st.
How quickly it turns to anger and hatered.
Silently you take it, turning to knowledge, treachery, and deciet.
Anguish is held back deep in your eyes but never shows.
Eventualy it turns outward, as you realize you were so desprate to be acepted you let people step on you.
You were eagar for attention and so you didn't notice.
At night you sit in your room with a book and fall asleep to anothers story. It's your escape from the world.
Fed up with the pain you rise from your old self and become a loner one who wants nothing but the best for themselves.
But still a fight rages in you a silent and heated argument within ones self like a feral wolf and an angry bear in a fight.
And in this fight you see that you really were a lone wolf all along.
A shadow that can gain acsess and then just as easily leave without notice.

(This is really cool sounding And its by one of my good and amazingly smart freinds hyperWolfskull)
Sworn in Fire
Sworn in Flood
Sworn in Bone
Sworn in Blood
Guardian of my lonely soul,
Split in two yet buried whole
One half shattered, cast into the night
The other left forgotten, in the light
A werewolf's heart is split in two
Deep within their breast
One will wake, one will sleep
werewolves ne'er rest
Guardian of my werewolf soul,
split in two yet buried whole
Sworn in Fire
Sworn in Flood
Sworn in Bone
Sworn in Blood

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Total Value: 407,065 Gold
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Item List:
Alruna's Rose 2nd Gen
Frostbite Blade
Black Street Pants
Black Band Style Eye Patch
Brown Sleeveless Silk Top
Summoning Tome
Spirit Falcon
Spirit Falcon
Black Leather Stiletto Boots
Vampire Hunter Hat
Summoning Tome
Gwee the Dragon
Celestial Wrap

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its me!
Mr Spiral
footy freak
Tenjho Sonozaki

My Good freind vanessa from school