-About Britty (:

I'm Brittany, but I like being called Britty or britt (:
Message me and we could be like besties! <3

Loves: Friends&family The boyfriend Mr. bear (: Vitamin water My cellular Chocolate Sleep Swimming Gilmore girls Twilight Starbucks Guys Music Hugs Movie nights with Alayna Pictures Facebook Fall Britney Spears (Sue me) Disney Channel

Dislikes: -Math -Homework -Liars -Winter -My lack of athletic ability -People who don't under stand the word hygiene -Alcohol&ciggs, grossss. -bugs -Blond jokes
-shots - Those who think too highly of themselves - Those who think too poorly of themselves.

Music? :
Just about anything..
as of right now I can't get enough of the maine and stero skyline (:

My standards for movies are very high !
~A Walk to Remember~ ~Titanic~ ~Notebook~ ~High School Musical 1-3. Duhhh. (: ~ ~Harry Potter series~ ~Marry Popins~ ~Spider Man 1-3~ ~10 things I hate about you~ ~Winne Dixie~ ~Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1&2~ ~Freaky Friday~ ~Elf~ ~Wall-e~ ~Tuck Everlasting~ ~Yours mine and ours~ ~John Tucker must die~ ~Mean Girls~ ~Monster House~ ~The perfect man~ ~Peter Pan~ ~The little mermaid~ and last but not leastttt... ~Cinderella~

Disney Channel is my favorite..
Gilmore girls, Secret life of the American Teenager, 8 Simple Rules, What I like about you, The country music station (hah), Icarly, andddd American Idol (:

I'm not a BIG reader butt when I find a few books I like I go crazyy.
I absolutely loved the Twilight books, then they got too many fangirls and I can't stand all the talk about it sooo not likin' em as much these days? ha. I'm currently reading The key. So far, So good !