Heya, how's it going?
My name is Turtle (lol, not really) and I am an 18 year old high school student currently studying languages.

I am a pretty awkward character, as you would quickly find out once you get to know me. I'm easily embarrassed and am easily misunderstood- although not any more than I misunderstand others. Communication level: -50
I have a bit of a sarcastic humour but usually don't get it when other people are being sarcastic. You're right, there is absolutely no sense in that. Haha.
I like the sunset and long walks on the beach and- nah, just kidding. Actually I don't do much other than go to school and play on the compter. Honestly, most of the time I spend in school, I'm playing on my computer. Haha.
I love role playing! So if you have any recommendations, please let me know blaugh
I also love anime and manga so feel free to chat me up about that xD
I'm starting to think that this text isn't very coherent... Oh well.
If you'd like to get to know me better, send me a line in the PMs!
Have a nice day! emotion_bigheart


Wandering thoughts of The Turtle Master

Alright,here I will mostly put my thoughts or recent happenings or anything that I find interesting enough to write down. I find a lot of things interesting, so I might write a lot about nothing... This will mostly serve as an online diary, I guess.



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nice avi!!
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I do too biggrin

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Eeeeeppppp' that's the most ADORABLE profile EVER ♥

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Hello Turtle my friend! I posted^^

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