All You Need To Know

sup! it's me, Demi!!!! well it's courtney but i like demi better!!!!! but here's info

I love anything to do with techno. fashion is my passion and my make-up is right off the Scene genre, and guess what! i make it look good. my clothing is a mix of Hot Topic, mostly Holister, some pac sun, and lets not forget my unform MCDONALDS SCHEIC!! XDDD
liquid and pencil eyeliner are the best things EVER invented and and i can go for weeks without food. i am not a prep regardless of my wardrobe, and i draw some of the numbleist s**t ever and my lungs are filled with tar from smoking cigs, bud, anything you can think of.

but one thing you gotta know. i'm the one you'll see hanging out at the mall with knee high boots, neon pink stockings, a pink and yellow tutu with a black spegitti strap shirt on and a hurley wool hoodie, my make-up and hair done like the Scene kids, with a cigerette in my hand singing any song that i love out loud at the docks. i'm just that crazy

and suprisingly, i'm not a druggie. i can live without all that s**t. but i can't live without being my weirdo self. so please add and chat, or you'll be stabbed with my eyeliner pencil.

Most Favorite Foods:
-dark chocolate
-imo's pizza(Yum!!!!!!)

Least Favorite Foods:

-cutting hair
-making clothes
-listening 2 music
-talking on the computer
-Reading Stories

Favorite Bands:
-avenged sevenfold
-avril lavigne
-bullet for my valentine
-dir en grey
-e nomine
-from first to last
-green day
-limp bizkit
-linkin park
-marlyin manson
-my chemical romance
-papa roach
-panic! @ the disco!
-3 days grace
-within temptation
-thousand foot krutch
-cradle of filth
-the postal service
-red jumpsuit apparatus

This is me
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think i look good? start flattering me b***h!