Welcome, Lords and Ladies, for I am Annaleigh, the ghostly servant to Queen Rheanae. I used to be one of the youngest servants but I was also very loyal. Whenever the Queen was hosting a ball or a dinner party, she would call me in to sing and dance for all the guests. Often, I would sing to her to calm her down or put her to sleep.

    I was born into a family that was close to the Queen's family, and when my family died from sickness and war efforts, I was taken into the Whimsical Dream Kingdom and began to live in the castle as a servant. No one eactly knows how I died or when I died. I kind of just woke up and found myself... well... dead. Perhaps it was after a strange creature brought some sort of illness that was passed on to my young and fragile life. Either way, I must have been about twelve when I had died. Ghosts don't exactly age, but if we did, I would be about sixteen.

    My singing and dancing techniques are still as mesmerizing as they were when I was alive. I'm afraid of the darkness and evil, despite being a spirit. Besides what most ghosts can do, I can disappear and reappear whenever I feel need be. That comes in handy when I have to do some heavy duty spying for the Queen.

    Even if you can't see me, you can tell I'm around by hearing a faint sound of music and picking up the scent of fresh flowers. Why not stop by The Whimsical Room this year during Gaia's 10th Annual User Run Ball and attend the festivities? I promise, it'll be well worth your time, Gaian.


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Akari Arima

Yes dah-ling. It is smexy!