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  • Lawn Gnome Clipper[122]
  • Pink Flamingo Fighter[125]
  • Skeeter Squasher[137]
  • Laceback Bootsnake Skinner[140]
  • OMG That Hurt[143]
  • Cherry Fluff Victor[149]
  • Taiko Drum Banger[152]
  • Kokeshi Doll Trickster[158]
  • Kokeshi Doll Reveler[159]
  • Outlaw Pup Blaster[167]
  • Anchor Bug Swatter[179]
  • Goof Course[221]
  • Desert Island[227]
  • I Can Almost Touch the Stars[229]
  • Jungle Treasure[231]
  • Hallowed Ground[246]
  • Barton 3[251]
  • The Wailing Windmill[253]

Who I am ^_^

I'm originally a French guy from Quebec but I mostly talk in English on Gaia. I'm an anime freak who plays too much on video games but I'm still social. I like Kingdom Hearts (the inspiration for my name) but my favorite serie is Atelier (like Atelier Iris, Mana Khemia). My favorite manga is MAR ( or marchen awakens romance) and my very very favorite anime is tsubasa reservoir chronicles. I'm someone who does only one thing at a time so I have long periods where I always do the same thing everyday. I also like Disgaea and I oftenly play with my friends to dungeons and dragons. I'm an element addict who loves alchemy above all other subjects.

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Kristine v2 Report | 11/25/2012 7:31 am
Kristine v2
Puppy? o.o
Icosnare Report | 08/15/2012 3:56 pm
What is wrong with you?! D8 where are you?! Did you go *poof* ?
ZodiacGX Report | 05/23/2012 3:05 pm
Sora! long time no see dude, me ish back somehow!
Reon Akida Report | 03/13/2012 4:24 pm
Reon Akida
well, im doing fine... i've been testing, texting, playing video games, got my friend to join gaia, i read some more new chapters in pandora hearts, naruto, and bleach, got sick, then my computer got sick with a virus twice, repaired it in an hour (each), read the hunger games, decided it wasn't my type of book, and played zOMG!. So ya... everything's been good. lol
Reon Akida Report | 03/08/2012 2:11 pm
Reon Akida
fine, and bored, and frustrated... have the quadratic equation stuck in my head... so watcha bin up to?
For Tomorrow Report | 03/08/2012 8:38 am
For Tomorrow
Hmmm... I'll have to think about the guild thing for a little while if that's okay!! Thank you for the help with French! biggrin
Reon Akida Report | 03/07/2012 6:05 pm
Reon Akida
For Tomorrow Report | 03/07/2012 4:37 am
For Tomorrow
It's okay! I like to read what people think biggrin biggrin biggrin Well, thank you for explaining "vous" to me! My teachers told us that it doesn't matter which one you use, but I believe you xD My french isn't so good, I was in Paris a few weeks ago because I live in England (which is close to France ninja ) and the people are so kind. I picked up a lot of new words too like "sortie" (exit of course xd ). Oh, and people will understand if you translate "langue maternelle" as "mother tongue" because it means the language that you first picked up smile
For Tomorrow Report | 03/04/2012 5:40 am
For Tomorrow
je ne savais pas que vous parlait français
For Tomorrow Report | 03/03/2012 7:26 am
For Tomorrow

That sentence appearing under all my mesages XD

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