My bio

| Kitty | lvl 29 | she/her | INFP-A |

Hello there!

I'm up for making new friends anytime. ...Just don't hit on me. Please. talk2hand

I love gaming, many kinds of music (even country. Don't laugh razz ), cats, Taco Bell, drawing, painting,
and papercrafting. I'm also getting back to making things with clay.

Think we'd make a good friendship? Feel free to interact. ^^

I'm always up for new Animal Crossing friends too (but only ACNH)
Dream address: DA-6662-5998-3002
HHN address: RA-6282-3660-5813

I am currently taking avi art commissions.
Headshots, busts and fullbodies.
If interested, please pm me so I can show you my examples.
I take either platinum/gold, GC or USD.

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