Hi I'm Vivian! You may call me Viv. And since its been about a year, I thought its about time for me to update my info wink

I was a gaia freak but due to school I have kind of lost interest. I still come on during vacations and all but I no longer spend days at a time thinking of ways to make money and update my avi.

Anyways I am a fairly nice person, a bit violent but I'm trying to change and I have made much progress this year biggrin
I get insulted easily by online comments and it bugs me for eternity. I love receiving gifts and art biggrin

I do donate, especially birthday gifts. You do not have to be my friend to receive a gift from me. I do donate randomly. I have given away small donations to many people. I love giving b-day gifts, here are some b-day gifts and random donations I've given:

-White Rose to Sakura_lollipop
-Omnomnom hat and Snow witch to kibou-chan kyuuyo (biggest donation I've ever given. This is just a nice person, not on my friend list but they are nice)
- TLDR Hat (1a) to Colorless111 (Not a friend just randomly)
- Pixie wings to Advent4
- Go Player to Chaotic Indulgence
- Laurels to x-Dragon_Lady-x
- 2 Gold BFF heart chains to TrampleTheWeak7767 and his gf
- 1k randomly to MONSIEUR BRUTUS

I am not rich. I'm fairly poor. I just enjoy giving what I can. And I hope people will be nice back. But I will find you by myself. Feel free to give me a link to a thread you use to raise money and one day I may donate to you.

Note: Recently due to my lack of activity on gaia, I have not been making many donations since I have very few items left to give.

My loved list:
These are people I have known for years or I chat with regularly and they have a special place in my heart. There is no order

-kaname888 (Friend from real life) She doesn't come on much but still I lubbles her
-Ichigo888 (I introduced her to gaia and she loves it) Little sis of kaname
- TrampleTheWeak7767 (Friend from other site. Nice person ^^)
- x-Dragon_Lady-x (I don't real know what to say about her besides smexy XP)
- Special Academy (GREAT friend. Nice gaian. I met her this year but it feels like I've known her forever)
- anime_freak917 (originally vfc999 my side account but now this account belongs to my cousin. She is starting high school next year and doesn't come on much but when she does she helps bump for me in my donation thread!) I lubbles her XP
- lady_Chikara (I don't know too much about her but she's been uber nice)
- Sadistic Smile (Just awesome.)

Old links from my neopets days: (More or less I don't update them anymore but feel free to look)

Visit my Neopets Guild at:

Guild Webbie:

Graphics Site (Under Construction):
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I am an anime lover but once again due to school I don't have time anymore to read manga or watch anime. Here is an old list of faves:

Death Not (A)(M) (My #1 Fav Anime --- Well tied with OHSHC)
Ouran High School Host Club (A)(My #2 Fav Anime --- Well tied with Death Note)
Naruto (A)
Skip Beat (M)
DN Angel (A)
Prince Of Tennis (A)
Fushigi Yuugi (A)
Full Metal Alchemist(A)
Dramacon (M)
Full Metal Panic(M)
Karin (A)
Absolute Boyfriend (M)
Vampire Game (M)
Full Moon wo Sagashite (A)
Hikaru no GO(M)(A)
Happy Hustle High (M)
Metamo Kiss (M)
Alice 19th(M)
Ruroni Kenshin (M)
The Gentleman's Alliance Cross(M)
Samurai Champloo
Tsubasa Chronicles (A)(M)
Gravitation (A)
Trigun (M)
Yotsuba (M)
*(A): Anime
*(M): Manga

As of now I don't try to keep up with any new mangas and animes. The only ones I read or watch anymore are Skip Beat and Kaichou wa Maid Sama.

My hobbies include: ....wait I'm a junior in high school my life is volunteer work and homework -.-

Well in the rare occasions I have spare time I do enjoy watching certain shows, making graphics, reading/watching manga/anime, updating my ipod, drawing, writing poetry, going on Gaia and Neopets, making websites, going on facebook and all that. But truthfully, I'm trying to have more of a social life now so I spend more time doing volunteer work and hanging with friends =/

5 things to know about me:
1) I'm a Korean wannabe (so what? If I wanna pretend I know how to speak fake korean don't try and stop me!)
2) I love Big Bang...scratch that I'm obsessed about Big Bang. (Don't test my obsession with them >> wink If you say anything rude about them, I will NOT respond. You will go on my ignored list and that's that. And I don't mean rude as in you say "Oh I don't like this song or they just don't suit my musical tastes." I'm fine with that but don't say THEY SUCK AND ALWAYS WILL.
3) I live at Starbucks. I am there more than I am at home (besides sleeping time)
4) I love anime (not nearly as much as big bang or starbucks though ;P)
5) Just cause I wanna be korean doesn't mean I don't like english music so recommend songs to me smile I like almost all genres of music so yeah XP

Old Graphics:

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1 year later update:
Trying for the autobiographer achievement. Not obsessed with gaia anymore sadly sad Too much school to think about it too much. New loves= facebook and kpop <3 BIG BANG FTW


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Loved Ones on Gaia (and mean ones too)

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This where I complain about mean people on gaia. Praise nice people on gaia, where I keep my art, poetry, wishlist, etc.


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Head or Heart

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Head or Heart

This is a random comment but I just wanted to say that I really like your avatar c:
tis kawaii ;o


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lol XDD I barely use gaia anymore, just check back every once in a while haha (so don't expect me to be here often; wink maybe sometime :] I have other things lined up at the moment aha;;;

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they are the mystic stones, they can be found underneath the make up in the shop ;D

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Its fine, just remembered them and i hope they layer :3

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Saw you ask joksta for suggestions, would just like suggest that you look at those new chest piece thingys in Barton jewelers and see if that gets rid of the gold.

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The Sweet Mango

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The Sweet Mango

Thanks! ^^ I made it for a masquerade group entry in the arena next week.
The Sweet Mango

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The Sweet Mango

lol XD Thank you!