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Dragonforce (Insane guitarist)

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The Killers- Just about all of their songs

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What's Cool Right Now

The Killers- Mr. Brightside

The Quest for my Dream Avi!

Matrix Ping Pong

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BlackStar_Hanyou Report | 09/04/2010 1:24 pm
Gah, I hope you post with Jac soon. I'm in a bit of a posting frenzy, and I can't really do anything with Rez until your awesome guy does. I hope I'm not bothering you; I don't want to be a bother and stuff...
BlackStar_Hanyou Report | 08/27/2010 10:00 am
Totally commentin ya to tell ya that Jac might have some stuff to do now. So yeah, check it out and say somethin, be it in OOC or IC, cuz I don't want ya booted.
XxCHxX Report | 10/13/2009 1:44 pm
gold comment. biggrin
xxBobby_Liiighxx Report | 11/04/2008 11:47 am
hello personal stalker =D
M i s s M a p p a Report | 10/02/2008 6:38 pm
M i s s M a p p a
YO~ comment of doom has been placed (will self-destruct in three seconds) ^^;
XxCHxX Report | 09/28/2008 7:18 am
No, Beefaroni soo counts. Get canned-food-savvy, mate. :]
XxCHxX Report | 09/27/2008 12:02 pm
Holey Cannoli Guacamole Macaroni Rigatoni Beefaroni Ravioli!!

:] Oh, yes. That's skillage right there.
louandsue9 Report | 09/20/2008 12:07 pm
Yo! Im bored...
lovefishies Report | 08/04/2008 7:50 pm
haha ; yea >.< thank youuu ! (again)

bye !
lovefishies Report | 08/04/2008 7:45 pm
thanks for the comment ! its actully helpful unlike when people just say like 'nice' or whatever x3

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