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Special thanks to IVIay for the profile design c:
Hey Guys! 3nodding
Nickname's i go by

Thank you Yellovv for the wonderful drawing!
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Little bit of stuff about my cosplay.
My name is Red im a 10 year old from Pallet town
The moment i turned 10 i setted out to my pokemon journey as so i've met many people that has been a big help on my journey.
collecting all the badges but after i collected a certain amount i ran into a evil organization Team Rocket.
I've shut down Team Rocket by infiltrating their base and battling their boss Giovanni.
After the Team Rocket incident i continued collecting the badges.
Once i collect the badges i headed straight to the Pokemon league and battle the elite four.
After beating the elite four i found out my Rival had became Champion, after a hard battle for fighting for the title Champion
i became the Kanto League Champion at the age 11.
I roam around Johto every now and then but you will mostly find me at the top of Mount Silver.
My team right now is
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Gorondorf Report | 05/30/2022 8:57 am
Your Trainer Red avi is awesome! emotion_brofist
Batsy Universe Report | 02/03/2022 3:31 pm
Batsy Universe
Happy birthday, Red!
TA-Regret Report | 11/27/2021 7:38 am
what's good cool
Prince Corrin Report | 02/14/2021 8:48 pm
Prince Corrin
Hello and thank you very much for the add! ^ - ^
Professor Cypress Report | 01/27/2020 7:06 pm
Professor Cypress
Happy Birthday, Red!
Professor Cypress Report | 01/11/2018 10:51 pm
Professor Cypress
We miss you too, dude.
Cozy bunbun Report | 06/20/2017 10:13 am
Cozy bunbun
Hey there! awesome avi, you did a great job on it ~ emotion_kirakira
90sSupremeRoyalDJDabsIV Report | 07/16/2016 7:28 am
Heya sup man! Long time no see and welcome back to Gaia! 3nodding

I hope Pokémon Go is going well for ya bud! Cheers! ^_^v

*Btw, what level and team are you on atm?
Nurse^__^ Joy Report | 06/12/2016 2:01 pm
Nurse^__^ Joy
heart whee
Hero Incarnate Report | 02/16/2016 8:30 pm
Hero Incarnate
Yo, how have you been lately?


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