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Birthday: 10/31


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I have been anon gifting for several years. I only recently set up this profile to make the process a little simpler. I am not terribly wealthy, but enjoy gifting when I can and usually with impromptu poetry.
Occasionally I may post some of my favorite poems (sent or received) here.

A selection of Anon poems of the past

Seven Days
"Seven days." That's all he said,
Does he mean until I'm dead?
One week to get my life together?
Or will it just be changed forever?
"Seven days!" He called out.
Is my wellness now in doubt?
Will the aliens invade.
Or the zombies leave the grave?
"Seven days." Then he gestured.
To the sign that hung sequestered,
In the corner barely seen,
It read, "Happy Halloween!"

-The Sidewalk POEt Anon

Blending In
A sexy cat or bloody nurse,
A vampire with bloody thirst,
A zombie, ghost, or little bunny,
Perhaps a toilet paper mummy,
Everyone will be disguised,
But remember as you start to stride,
While most of you are blending in,
Not every creature is pretend.

-The Sidewalk POEt Anon

Call To Sin
A whispered voice is how it begins,
A soft and subtle call to sin,
You may resist it for a time,
But slowly it claws in your mind.
Its requests become demands,
A calling you cannot withstand,
And so you finally cave and break,
And grab a second slice of cake.

-The Sidewalk POEt Anon



Special thanks to Musical Mouse, my partner in crime.