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I've decided to Start up a daily journal, to milk the Gaia Cash Cow. Yee-Haw



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welcome back smile loved your status comment, it's pretty batshit crazy money wise around here. confused
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(shkdjskls I never replied to your eeeeemaaaaaaail """"orz PLEASE SLAP ME A THOUSAND TIMES BRO, I DON'T DESERVE YOUR FRIENDSHIPPP ;_; )
but uh, right now it's mostly just super cold and I have a bunch of papers (apparently 5-7 pages is "short." >:U WHYYYY) to write and I don't like college and blehhh
however! I was told my japanese pronunciation is pretty good/authentic by some tutors at our language.. center thingy. :'D SO THAT IS THE ONE HIGHLIGHT OF MY COLLEGE LIFE SO FAR, OHOHO
... orz thisissad
oh and, I never knew how awesomely comfortable and wonderful my home was until experiencing dorm life. e___e graaargh (and I've only just, uh, weaned myself from the taking-my-dirty-laundry-home-every-weekend thingy you were talking about before :'DDDb)

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XDD Yeah, that's one of the main reasons I opted for a suite, though.. it's not really as awesome as it sounds ;_; They're a lot older and run-down-ish than the dorms, which're more often than not a lot newer/renovated, and I guess we do sort of get private bathrooms, but it's just sharing with 4~6 people instead of, say, 30 or something (plus we have to provide our own toilet paper/clean the bathrooms >| dangit!). Not sure about the kitchen, though from what I've heard/seen, most people never use it, and everything's really old and un-usable except for the microwave D:

Ohmaaan, just started getting to katakana, and all the different sounds are getting jumbled up with hiragana (also apparently I completely forgot about.. what'retheycalled;; The "voiced" sounds of hiragana? :U Like, the ones with the little " marks at the top). My parents were frustrated with my super-slow progress and managed to find a Japanese teacher, though it feels so awkward with her, aha ; u ;a Like, the first time we met, she was kneeling all traditional-style and I was sitting cross-legged in my shorts and t-shirt and felt super vulgar, lolol >___> And then the first day of class, she bowed and was all "ohayou gozaimasu~ (spspspsp)" and I was like, "o- o- o- OHA.. YO.. go- goodmorning. :'DDDDDD"
^ long rant aside, how'd you manage to find out that, well, as soon as that starts playing, foreigners should flee? :0

Bahaha, yeah, I've heard scary stories about rush hour >__> Though, ack, I hadn't expected that D: Sorry if I'm bringing up any bad experiences, but have you ever gotten turned away from restaurants/other establishments and whatnot because you were a foreigner (b/c I found this a while ago)? @__@;; Or actually, are people ever like, "AMG you can speak Japanese/use chopsticks/know our customs!! O__O"?

.. whaaaaa, I can't believe I never thought of doing that before! * u * What an awesome idea, and super convenient too >: D

Lolol, I was afraid I was being a creeper and immediately regretted it after I pressed 'submit' "orz Butyey; I shall PM you mine after this ' v 'b
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How do you know German? XD Wahaha, good job on picking a role~ Though I find it difficult to imagine you as a hobbly old woman >__> Pfff somehow, I'd taken a billion guesses at what the Beers at Lunchtime could be, but never guessed that it'd literally be /beers at lunchtime/ XDD And I know, right? >:0 I'm living on campus, but in the only building with suites instead of traditional dorms, so it's pretty far from main campus. Ah welll.. at least I'll get some much-needed exercise "orz

I shall, I shall~ = u = And then one day, I'll get good enough to practice with you! .. watch me still be studying the hiragana 20 years from now, lol ;_;
X'DDD Lolol, I can't imagine that they'd be useful on a day-to-day basis.. would they? Especially the propaganda films (so they're aired weekly? :0 ).
That's sooooo coooooool *____* The literacy test is really surprising, though - but I guess, hrmm. Being able to read/write is a pretty crucial skill to have, huh. :{ The gangsters in Taiwan are so different; they walk around wearing wifebeaters/t-shirts and flip-flops, and generally seem pretty disorganized I think. But then I don't personally know any, so uh >__>

Ohwow, Australia really is almost the complete opposite. :0 So you're taking a year's break for this year, which is your last one? And dang, cashmere wasn't what I was thinking at all lol @@;; Butyeah, I've seen some of those X'DD Don't look very safe.
and, WHAT? D: WHAAAAAAAT. whaaat. Wuhhhh- oh god. x___x;;; That's just scary, man. Just imagining people screaming - or even trying to hold it down - as the nails are driven in.. asklncklsd aughhhhh "orz
lolol, what an awesome comparison = u = Aren't the gas prices crazy in Japan, though? And it sounds like it might be a pain to drive through Tokyo's streets. D:

35 GB doesn't sound that bad :0 Though well, I guess it adds up pretty quickly, especially when you're downloading dramas or something >> (psst can't you watch it online? :U Like on mysoju or dramacrazy etcetc)

(hey dood, I was lying in bed last night thinking about random stuff like I usually do, and I thought of an awesome idea. >: D If you're comfortable with it, do you want to switch our convo over to email or something? Mostly b/c I'm lazy and I don't like switching between tabs to check what you said, and b/c I'm more comfortable ranting in email. = u = [which also means that my messages will get longer! so if that sounds horrifying, please feel free to say no~ o u o])
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sir leek

Mein gott? :0 And ohmaaan, kabuki!! *___* That's so cooool~ I wish we had that! Did you perform too? : D Also, I have no idea what the Beers at Lunchtime is, but that sounds pretty cool too; envy you for the only-morning-class thing though. ;_; This quarter, I somehow managed to get a Calculus class that meets at 8 AM and 8 PM, grarghhhh.
.. OKAY. OKAYOKAY. UH. I can't read most of that X'DDDD Lessee.. Demo, something about Japanese no.. Japanese learning? study? 勉強 = forced/not that good in Chinese so uh.. suru? kote.. suki? somethingsomething ii desu something. :U MY JAPANESE IS SO AWESOME. (so far, I've only memorized the first thirty or so hiragana, kinda studying KAT-TUN/HSJ music lyrics and guessing at the rest lol "orz ) As for animation, I'm hoping to be good enough to be a character designer-type person or something, but uh ;_; Translation would be interesting though! I hadn't thought of that.. hrmm. What I really want to do is be a mangaka (like billions out there, ahaha;; ), but it seems to be not only incredibly hard, but also lower-paying than animation, so maybe not. :'D I honestly have no idea.
Y'know, I swear I've heard about the yakuza-helping-a-lot somewhere on the news before. >__> I think it had something to do with how a lot of money/supplies weren't getting through to the disaster areas b/c of all the paperwork and such required, but the yakuza, being.. well, who they are, were just like "to heck with it man, these people need help >|" and were able to contribute a lot. But holy shiz!! Who would've figured that the yakuza would need interpreters/accountants too?! @@ So coooool. How the heck did s/he land a job for them? :0

-tradeswithyou- : DD I experienced weather like that in Canada before; just taking a step out of the house made you feel as if you'd instantaneously freeze up into a giant ice sculpture or something, but it never snowed :U Keep warm! And.. ohshoot, I was just going to ask you "wait when does school start for you" when I realized that.. I think you graduated from uni already. Or uh, wait. Did you? @@;;; Also, if cashmere's what I think it is, that doesn't sounds like a very comfortable material for a suit XD Sounds like a good deal, though! (You'll have to tell me how the food is~ From what I've seen, it looks rather.. questionable >__> )
XDD;;; Holyyyyy shiz. Public crucifixions?! That just sounds freaky. And creepy. And I sure hope it's not actually painful. Staying three months in Japan sounds amazing, too ; u ; I've heard of Honshuu (is the area famous for baseball or something? "orz It sounds, uh.. really familiar for some reason;; ), but have no idea what it's like. Is it kind of more countryside-like, lots of temples and such? :0

XDDD yes. And wuhhhhh?! Monthly internet usage limits? O__O This is the first time I've heard of that! This is.. inconceivable, what. >:U I should shorten my comments so you don't need to spend as much time replying/reading, ohdang. (though I do wonder how that limit thing works @@; is there a timer, or uh.. is it how many days you use internet in a month..?)
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sir leek

You've probably seen this already b/c it should be pretty old, but I just found this and
.. sjklsnkcds ; u ; /FANGIRLS
Chinen was so cute. omg. orz
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sir leek

Doing? Studying my face off, joining the taiko (!!!) and maybe kendo or wushu (!!!!!) club~ *__* When I looked up the organizations and such on the school site, it was like "sjklsnvkld THEY HAVE STUFF LIKE THIS?!"
As for majoring.. >D; WELL. IT'S KIND OF REALLY STUPID BUT UH. I'm majoring in Japanese - at least for now. It's not b/c I want to go idol-chasing, I swear!! :'D (well maybe.. a little;; ) I want to eventually make my way into an animation company, but it's a.. really, really farfetched dream, lol. @@;

Whaaa, really? Ohman, I'd forgotten Australia's seasons are reversed - I'd gladly exchange our hot, muggy weather for yours! ;___; I love winter, man<3 And holy shiz, sounds like an amazing trip!!! *___* I've only ever seen Thailand through the TV screen (this show where Taiwanese idols had to go to Thailand and try to survive there >__> pretty crazy, man), heard of the Philippines through friends, and Japan.. well, yeah. : P What made you choose those places, though? AND OH. OHH you can meet tons of HSJ fans! OMGAH. Take lots of picturesss O__O (and show me! If you'd like to, that is : D) How long's your trip going to be, and when're you setting off?
(speaking of which, I have a friend who came back from Japan a while ago; the pictures look amazing ;_; and she got me a copy of 'Over' AMGGG-)
Above all: HAVE FUN, DUUUUUDE<3 *____* I'm so excited for you! (and though you need to cut back, try to eat your fruits and veggies and stuff when you can ;_; It won't be worth it if you set off sick!)

Anyway. Whew. >___>;; Sorry about the crazy longness, ohmaan. Feel free to not respond to any of it if you'd like! I'm a really slow drama watcher, so I finished Gokusen a while ago, almost done with season 2 now. :0 Have you heard about Hikaru's new drama? And how Chinen and Yamada are voicing.. the Smurfs in this movie or something, I think? XDDD Ooh ooh, and iono if you're interested in this at all, but~ Ouran High School Host Club's apparently being turned into this drama + The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (have you ever seen the movie? :0 ) was turned into a live-action movie earlier this year, I think. So much stuff going on recently, I swear @___@;; OH AND.. next dramas I might watch are Hana to Arisu (looked interesting, no idea if it's any good), and this one Iforgotthenameof, but it had Horikita Maki. : D
.. hrm. I've been feeling like watching this one inspirational baseball anime that started with an O or someth- OH JUST GOOGLED IT~~ Ookiku Furikabutte. : DDD

OKAYOKAY I SWEAR I'LL STOP GOING OFF ON TANGENTS/RAMBLING. x__x;; Aaack. Butyeah, I heard about Ryutaro too; ugh, iono man. ;_; I feel bad for him, but then I'm kind of mad at him for trying it - not just once, b/c that's understandable, but a couple times throughout a span of.. two or three years, was it (plus the pictures they had of him made him look like a jerk)? I hope they let him back soon though. D:

Uh. I hope I don't burn your eyes off with this. :'D This may just be the single longest comment I've ever posted on your page. I'M SO SORRY!
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Hey bro, not much! : D And it /has/ been a while, but it's always like that, so it's fine, lol.

HRMMM. Oh, I came back from this college orientation thing the day before yesterday! And registered for classes for the first time. :0 Other than that, I'm just wasting away my summer watching dramas and whatnot~ How 'bout you? *__*
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SUSAN. :{ I hope you've been doing well~