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The Scary Guy Next Door

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Last Login: 07/29/2011 7:16 am

Gender: Male

Location: Next Door

Birthday: 07/10

Occupation: God of Cool, Giver of Win Seals, Sacrificer


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A scary guy who lives next door.
Sometimes likes to talk in past tense.
Has a pet Cthulu chained up in his backyard.
Has an obsession with anything Satan-related.
Likes to sacrifice stuff.
Creator of poison; Stigmatic Eye-Opener Version 3.

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who_whatever Report | 02/21/2010 9:50 am
You havn't followed threw on your word! sad No picture I have seen yet?
GRI3V3RAY Report | 02/19/2010 9:49 am
You speak like a NERD man lool
so much computer in this Head xD
coool loool
lexard Report | 02/19/2010 3:05 am
thank you for rating and leaving a comment=)
GRI3V3RAY Report | 02/18/2010 5:14 pm
are you kidding??
life is not a SIMULATION
don't believe you say that...o.O
who_whatever Report | 02/18/2010 4:32 pm
Thats I donno figure it out! your a smart guy!! lol hurry IM getting impatient razz (sorry its my nature) Woot biggrin
who_whatever Report | 02/18/2010 2:53 pm
Photobucket? lol
who_whatever Report | 02/18/2010 2:52 pm
So where my picture biggrin ?
some void droid Report | 02/18/2010 5:35 am
some void droid
Yes. You can be a milk bear.

I shall plan the wedding today.

Which reminds me.

I have class now, see ya
some void droid Report | 02/18/2010 5:28 am
some void droid
Oooh that sounds like it could be a song.

Let's get married this can be our song though it slightly,well doesn't actually work for my gender, whatever it still works------>
some void droid Report | 02/18/2010 5:21 am
some void droid
Pfft it'll take me a while to find you.

And when I do. The raping shall begin!

I do not fear little teenage boys. cool


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~I am not a troll. I just speak my mind.
You should try it~

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That guy is scary...stay away from me.

I kinda like how he speeks his mind though.

Let's be friends! I'm your number one fan! (egocentric b*****d >.>)

Smashing dolls for cash is the life.

I´m the local Swedish Alaskian that randomly stalks people.

I think you are cool looking.

I bribe my friends with pens.