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My name is Benvolio Mytilene, and I am traveling the world to learn new and fascinating ways to ply my trades. I know not what to expect on my day to day venturings, but I am certain I will not be wanting for excitement and adventure!

I am a craftsman at heart, and when I'm wondering the world I often look for unique and rare materials to use on my wares. From sturdier woods for my bows and shields, refining metals for forging weapons, determining the best leathers for making armor, or finding the right components and ingredients to make potent potions, enchanting runes, or cooking a satisfying meal; I practice and perfect my trades in the hopes of bettering the lives of those whose paths I've crossed.

I am not a professionally trained fighter, though some are often misled to believe so just because of the gear I wear and carry upon me. But the world is a dangerous place to travel, and often I need to protect myself from the wild creatures of the wood when gathering fresh materials. So, please do not assume I have any interest in sparring, dueling, brawling, or killing out of pleasure or bloodlust. My skills are just enough for me to survive against wild animals and the occasional bandit.


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The Scribbling of Benvolio Mytilene, the Roaming Craftsman

My name is Benvolio Mytilene, and this is the accounts of my life as a traveling craftsman.



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