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Name: Well, if you get too know me enough, you'll hear it, but for now, just call me Queenie.
Age: 21
Birthday: Some time in April.
Place where I live: VA.
School: Devry University
Friends: Have some here I would like to think are friends, but you'd have to ask them really. Other then that, just family, and a few close ones, like the loves of my life.
Family: I have a big one, but they are all good.

Things I like

Watching Anime/Manga
Hanging out with friends
Staying up late
Computers (am a programmer)
Random stuff
Just being myself

Anime I like/watch

Code Geass
Devil May Cry
DN Angel
Full Metal Alchemist
Hellsing (Really love it, waiting for all the OCT's *holds breath*)
Mobile Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Yu Yu Hakusho

Things I don't like </3

Being bored
Being tired
people yelling
people just not listening to rules
And yeah, I could go on, but just makes me sad T^T

That's about it, there is alot more too me, but if you want to find out about it, you'll have to do some work, and actually talk to me and get to know me.

<3 .:[Taken since June 20, 2010 and April 24th, 2009]:. <3

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Than's book of mysteries...


Hey guys, and gals, thanks for taking a look at my journal. This is just going to be a casual journal, maybe some little fun facts I learn about throughout the day, and just a overview of what I've done, hope you enjoy and come back! --Thanopis



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The only Demon Angel

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The only Demon Angel

Oh I had a good day and I'll have a great nights sleep tonight I hop you have a good day at work love! I love you babe
The only Demon Angel

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The only Demon Angel

Hi there Handsome ;P
Iceling Blue

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Iceling Blue


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umm thankz for your purchase have a great day

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hey hey added you as a freind and sent a pm check it out when u can

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thanks for supporting the "TAP TAP INC." in a way

please keep TAPPING
The Queen Arcana

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The Queen Arcana

Aww, thanks hun! 4laugh
Maggie Jean

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Maggie Jean

Just wanted to say that I love your avatar, its really cool looking smile
The Queen Arcana

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The Queen Arcana

Mm, honestly I can't remember D: