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Drink the Water
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Holy s**t I'm 21 Now Guys

VOCAROOS MADE FOR ME emotion_kirakira
http://vocaroo.com/i/s02XIfom0ZEP - MY KIDS ARE DEAD
http://vocaroo.com/i/s0hMSp4fAIv8 - STAZZING
http://vocaroo.com/i/s0eY5xLzFa5s - Iady brown
http://vocaroo.com/i/s1hY0vSOySBI - Iady brown (PROOF THAT I AM KIND)
http://vocaroo.com/i/s1KPHCKzNCo6 - Hybreedal


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Report | 01/22/2018 7:17 am


i hope things are going good for you sir.
i hope your living life to its fullest.

Report | 10/27/2016 8:57 am


I come back and you're not even here for me to spoil you. emotion_donotwant
Eddie the White Elephant

Report | 11/18/2014 6:35 am

Eddie the White Elephant

The music they do is somewhat similar lol their lyrics are so odd

Eddie the White Elephant

Report | 11/18/2014 6:27 am

Eddie the White Elephant

You are the first person that haven't gotten scared by the clowns lol
Trash Mammal

Report | 11/17/2014 11:13 am

Trash Mammal

Amazingly i'm not sure if bothered him and he hasn't picked up buying any new herps (He moved away several states over so then againi'm not 100% sure) so I Haven't scolded him any more since then. It's been about 2 years ago now it happened. sad Time sure flies fast.
Yeah well and we live in a small town (about 17k population, mostly it's a college town) and Walmart is my biggest competitor. It kills me everytime someone goes over there and buys s**t and then ends up in my store with a sick/dying animal due to use of cedar bedding, improper fish tank cycling, animals got sick from the food, crickets that aren't gutloaded, etc;. Our walmart is REALLY low quality products. Online kills us too but I Have started price matching to an extent with the exact products online, and if I can't price match exactly I explain the difference is supporting local business, you have the item now and don't have to wait, and you don't have to worry about returning something with a hassle. So we find a happy medium price. Also started a rewards program to keep peoplecoming back which I think has helped to some extent. Can't keep everyone happy though lol.
At home I just have the bird and cats/dogs/125G fish tank. Use to have such a wide array of things until I remained content that I can enjoy everything in the pet store lol. SO HARD NOT TO BRING ALL THE CUTE SPIDERS HOME! My niece's boyfriend who live with us has a rosehair tarantula though, and well I have a wolf spider I named Baal but I don't consider it a pet much since I can let him back in the garage anytime.

Have had Cobalts in here! Love the ones that actually are stunning in color. But they're such assholes! Haha. A lot of times they just send us the really dull colored ones too so we don't get the good ones often enough =( Have some baby fire legs in right now though, pink toes, rose hairs, and a trap door spider that i'd just love for someone to buy already. x.< They are such messy poopers! I don't know how they do it..but it's like they paint the walls of their cages with poop. x.<

You need pics of your Leo >=x
They're just so cute. <3
Trash Mammal

Report | 11/17/2014 10:50 am

Trash Mammal

Love Leos!!! <3
Well, I started working here abut 5 years ago now. Weaseled my way up to management and the store is for the most part under my control lol. I have the occasional employee under me but they all just piss me off and I don't keep them long because they'd rather play with animals than clean.
I have my expertise in saltwater, reptile (inverts too), and rodents. We keep a little of everything in the store. We have a couple store pets! =D Sugar, an Umbrella Cockatoo who lives with me and comes to work every day. And then a cute little Red Knee Tarantula i've been raising up from a just hatched spiderling. Oh he's so adorable, and his name is Rio. I have a deep fascination with Spiders, and would be content just working with them all day sometimes lol. I'm saving up my pennies (ha!) for a Goliath for a store pet in here--but part of that is also convincing the owner to let me have space for one because she isn't as fond of them as I am. She let me have Rio because she liked the color on them when they're adults haha.
We breed our own rats & mice for reptile food, breed our own hamsters, and co-op breed our own ball pythons now. (We lend our out adults for babies and get half the litter, have a Banana Male and a Het Pied female) A lot of our critters are locally bred so we can support other small business and keep prices low.Economy ******** sucks right now for pet stores! SO many are closing down it makes me sick.
We're a pretty little store sadly though, we need a bigger venue but we haven't been in business long enough to prove it's a "profiting" (I scoff at that sometimes I Think you can never profit from animals because we don'tcut corners like most people do so we really don't have a lot of profit compared to those who take shitty care of things) business.But yeah.
Animals. <3 Love love.

So do you only have a cham & a leo? smile My brother use to breed Leos! They're so cute. I got all of his stock when he moved away BUT they all got wiped out because he took in someone else's,didn't QT them, shoved them with all the others, and they got Crypto. I cried and cried because two of them were my pets. He didn't have a good breeding setup for them.
Trash Mammal

Report | 11/16/2014 10:39 pm

Trash Mammal

Your chameleon is so cute <3

Report | 11/14/2014 7:28 am


first time hearing them
but i agree ^^

Report | 11/14/2014 7:17 am


love your profile song
Dragonfly GoGo

Report | 11/12/2014 8:37 am

Dragonfly GoGo



23. M. FL. Something something something.
(Just askkkkkkk)
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I LOVE Obfuscated_disillusion