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Birthday: 10/13



All Hail my American People!

Well I think I would get out the door
And open my eyes to a world
That had no one guessing before...

Tonight I promised myself I would cry
After the day I lie
But frankly now I just want to die

The sickening and thickening of my generation had nonstop
Of all ears grant to people of sex and sucking the "blowpop"
Oh how I wish life was easier to deal with to not be on top

Whom sings whom laughs who seizes the days
We're breaking through as I say

America! America! Give freedom to thee!
Break me free!
I want to be myself; and myself only to please me!

I'm alone

The world's out to get me

A poet

An incognito Poet

Save. Us.
" Of all light that had shine on me before, none like this such rays had gleamed. Of what now was returning night, I beg myself for inspiriting light. "
~ ArctariusV

" Where thou he, unnamed poet seeks? We hath vision of him. To thee we offer prayers. To thee we offer salvation and ambition to relinquish such Death Walls. "
Of from Death Walls. Line 5. July 05, 2010.

I am the Prodigious Prodigal Poet, Arctarius. I'm not very experienced with introductions consider I don't have a very good social life so to say, but I will greatly be straight forward and to the point.

Consider me a shady and devious person. I don't enjoy a lot of things and I don't honestly get along very easily. Yes. I admitted it. I am hoping my uniqueness of acquaintanceship doesn't affect my member status.

From my Deviant Art~

Thy Name is Jonathan W. R. and I am an Incognito Poet
I am simply a poet. No other words can describe whom I am of my interests. A Man, A human, A Soul, A Poet. I am at the age of 15, born October 13, 1994. My 1st birthday was on Friday the 13th so am I cursed? I've been feeling so since my aged increased and my eyes have open.

I am a poet, a Romance Poet, a General Poet, Physics, Drunks, Life Stories and Experiences, Strange Romance, Open, and Screamed Poetry. I voice my opinion heavily. My idols are Jim Morrison, William Blake, Till Lindemann and Kurt Cobain.

I am interested in these poets for merging them all creates a unique maelstrom for me to write. Of combining the tenacious Lindemann poetry, that merges with hurting people, I combine his with the others, as pertaining the Morrison's preaches in his signature shamanism styles, as Cobain to his suicidal natures, to Blakes intellectual approach on humanity. I merged these to create a style of my own, I, myself, call it a Wraith Genre.

Thank you,
~ Prodigal Poet~ Arctarius


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The Poetry of the sacred Poet

Plain ol' poetry my friend. Til the end, just to intend, when... the reader is lend.


I like to think of myself intelligent
Who hides his intelligence in a stupid manner
By seizing idiocy throughout other peoples moronic behaviors
I can care less what people see of me; judging is different from fact

So the Wraith is born again
Standing upright and up to defend
Protects himself from the terrors of Eden
He kills himself and thus so the end.

I am the Wraith Lord.
Bow to me, and come aboard.

" Very, very interesting. " ** Metaphoric Rain.

" Really good writing. " ** Arobia

Have been rated: 4.62 out of 5. ~ Gaia Online

The rebirth will begin in several days..
The mindless voice pleaded.
All those unseated will await at the bays.
Until the show is over~

We filed slowly and languidly into the hall
The auditorium was vast but silent, nothing like a ball
As we seated in the dark the voice continued.

The program for this evening is no false
I have returned with a new pulse
You seen me through birth and life and death
I'm sure you had a good rest

Did I have a good world when I died?

I'm getting out of here!

Where are you going?

To the other side of morning...

Please don't follow the moon, Arctarius.

His c**t wrapped him like a rope around a bull.

Tis' alright, all your friends are here

Are they in my beer?

No but you can eat them

But I'm not hungry enough for 'em

Would you rebirth to them?

Ooo..Silver screams...pellucid streams...

Impossible concentration.

July 13, 2010.
Rebirth of the Wraith.

~ Arctarius V