Lurking loser that spends all of her time on tumblr, gaia, and netflix.

plz pm me got no frends


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Okay, I have to admit I hardly get on here anymore. It's a bit disappointing, but the only reason I came here was to role-play. And obviously now you know I love rping. Semi-Lit to Lit. Granted, writing long paragraphs over nothing isn't exactly my favorite thing to do anymore. I like to write my own books, and absolutely love reading.

Music tastes are a tid bit different, I must say. I like folk rock, indie, you know. I don't like naming the bands though, for whatever strange reason.

Note: I do have a bad memory. So please, if you add me, don't be upset if I forget your name): I do apologize ahead of time, but feel free to add me if you ever want to role-play or just talk.


The Plastic Poptart

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Gender: Female

Birthday: 05/31