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Proud submissive <3
I move around on here a lot, so quote me or I won't answer as fast emotion_bigheart


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About me | Likes "→" | Dislikes "彡"
→28 |F | Canada | Taken by an amazing guy. ^.^ emotion_bigheart
→submissive/pet, I have a Dominant/owner, who shall remain nameless
→Little with a Daddy
→Role Player; PM me for details. (Literate role players preferred)
→I tell it like it is, for too long I let everyone walk all over me. No more. If you don't like my opinion, go f.uck yourself.
→If you hurt or harass me you will have TWO people to contend with, both of whom are very protective of me.
彡When people don't express themselves properly to me.
彡L33t speak, chatspeak, grammatical errors of most kinds. (If English isn't your first language, then I understand, otherwise, get a f.ucking dictionary.
彡Liars; Be upfront and honest with me, and I'll be the same with you.
彡Not knowing where I stand with people, either tell me, or expect major repercussions.
彡Losing my (matching) bracelet that my boyfriend and I have, I took it off once and misplaced it for a second and my world almost ended.

If you'd like to be my friend, message me first, random friend requests will be denied or ignored if we haven't spoken at least once.

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EliahtheCherub Report | 03/22/2014 2:42 pm
Woobera Report | 06/03/2013 12:16 am
You're very welcome :>
EliahtheCherub Report | 04/12/2013 9:08 pm
*licks* cat_ninja
SexyKiara13 Report | 12/24/2012 6:13 pm
EliahtheCherub Report | 12/12/2012 5:05 am
I've been wondering about your status and who Dj Demon.... and now that I visit your profile and see who it is, I just wanna facepalm repeatedly because I shoulda know. LOL. Ilu, sis. <3
VVishing Report | 07/23/2012 2:47 am
Yes! It feels nice to be cheerful and whatnot all the time again. > u<
VVishing Report | 07/22/2012 6:29 pm
I'm goodddd. 8D
Finally getting back into Gaia again.
VVishing Report | 07/22/2012 10:14 am
Heyyyy! heart
Fearless Dj Demon Report | 07/15/2012 10:45 pm
Fearless Dj Demon Report | 06/14/2012 8:41 am
I'm just fine. Thanks for asking. wink
Fearless Dj Demon

I love you <3

My sister <3