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Hey, I'm Jeff! I'm 17, live in Pennsylvania[USA] and have grey eyes, brown hair and am skinnnnny as all hell. My hobbies include drawing people and anime[mostly my own original anime characters but there's a few drawings that are out of my manga collection] watching anime, reading manga and webcomics[aoi house ftw <3], going on dates with the girl of my dreams[while we still aren't a couple, so(she is with someone now</3) i'm single :/], and roleplaying!<3 I am on the borderline between semi-lit and lit now and I don't feel like going lit or advanced lit, cuz I love you semi people so much<3. As soon as I get my comp running again[i'm using my wii to update this] I'll have a pic of myself up along with my best artwork. Until then, Ciao, and I love you all!

updated 7/19/08

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XxheartxbreakxX Report | 10/17/2009 9:17 am
haha remember me??
i just signed on for the first time in like a year.
lol i was always out and stuff, but not so much anymore....
how have you been?
CupCakeNoJutsu Report | 07/20/2008 7:18 pm
then i did my job User Image
CupCakeNoJutsu Report | 07/20/2008 7:01 pm
CupCakeNoJutsu Report | 07/20/2008 6:47 pm
-lachey was here- Report | 06/13/2008 7:32 pm
if love doesn't exist...

why does it hurt so much when it is lost? and why does it feel so good when you have it?

not my words, but yours. love exists. the feelings associated with it, by consequence, prove its existence. if there is nothing to react to, there must be no reaction. ...but you are reacting to SOMEthing, are you not? you feel heartbroken, do you not? something causes that feeling. you're not going to get far, trying to prove that love doesn't exist... when clearly, you are suffering from a disillusioning thereof. perhaps love is different than you thought it would be, but to say that Love doesn't exist... is very extreme. YOUR definition of love may not, in fact, exist... but love most surely exists. ;D

but it is true- denying that love exists makes you feel more justified/self-righteous when your heart is broken, and might help ease the pain. that way, you can claim to have never really lost anything, because it "never existed" in the first place and therefore could never have been lost. and in an american capitalistic society where "the name of the game" is to "die with most 'toys'", to not have something (or to have lost something) makes you less of a person than other people who *have* something. it's the difference between the way people want to be the guy with the expensive house and cars and the way people *don't* want to be the homeless bum without a penny to his name.

just some thoughts/opinions. i think you know and acknowledge what i've pointed out, but have for convenience's sake set aside logic in favor of emotions for your sanity's sake.

you have my sincerest sympathies. you never "get over" a lost love, imho, and it never stops hurting. you can only find new love to make the pain of the old one less.

LMAO. i would label you the emo one if i cared to bother with this label-maker jazz. which i don't. ;D LOL. take care, nnk?
RapideCroche Report | 06/13/2008 7:31 pm
*pokes* D:
lCHAOZl Report | 06/09/2008 4:21 pm
i agree with you on the love thing. i was heart broken not to long ago by my soon to be wife. love is nothing more than a figment of our minds that makes you lower your defences to pain.
XxheartxbreakxX Report | 05/30/2008 7:52 pm
eh well it's not that great because I sometimes have two things planned and I can only do one of them, so I have to blow people off.... =/ it's cool to an extent.
XxheartxbreakxX Report | 05/30/2008 6:03 pm
haha what??
XxheartxbreakxX Report | 05/30/2008 2:14 pm

The End

Death to the order. Life to the rebellion. Love to those who hate. Hate to those in love. Happiness to the hated, and Despair to the loved. Loneliness in the hearts of the crowd. Unity among the loners. We bearing the chains of hate will someday be free.~