Punk's Jam.

Survey (I just couldn't bring myself to delete it, even though I'm quitting, lol)

So Basically..


Name:: Tyler
Nicknames:: Punk
Age:: 20
Birth Date:: August 1, 1992
Born in:: Downey, California
Raised in:: Clinton Township, Michigan
Currently in:: Chino, California
Hair Color:: Dark Brown
Eye Color:: Brown
Height:: 6'3
Piercings:: No
Tatoos:: None
Racist?:: Not completely, but more than a little
Heritage:: German and, uh, Californian? xD
Profession:: Concert Pianist/Piano Teacher


Food:: Steak
Drink:: Dr. Pepper
Time of Day: Night
Season:: Summer
Day of the Week:: Friday
Color:: Black
Place in U.S:: California
Place outside U.S:: Idk
Magazine:: Umm...
Pet:: I have a black cat named Sam in Michigan and a grey kitten named Thor in California
Friend:: Connor
Feeling:: The feeling you get when all your day's plans work out

Do You..

Shower Daily:: Yes
Brush your Teeth Daily:: Yes
Sing:: I sing '50s stuff.
Dance:: No
Drink:: Yes
Smoke:: Yes
Read Books:: Yup
Read Magazines:: Porn? lol
Have a Religion:: Catholic
Have a Bf/Gf:: No
Play an Instrument:: Piano

In the Opposite Sex..

Hair Color:: Dark
Eye Color:: Doesn't matter
Tatoos:: Doesn't matter
Piercings:: Doesn't matter :3
Body Type:: Small, thin
Hobbies:: Sex? xD

Do You Believe In..

Ghosts:: YES
Aliens:: Yes
God:: Yes
Devil:: Yes
Heaven:: Yea I Guess
Hell:: Yea I guess
Afterlife:: Wtf is afterlife? xD

Have You Ever..

Been Arrested:: Yes
Cheated:: No
Been Cheated on:: No
Had your Heart Broken:: Just recently for the first time..
Broken someone elses Heart:: Yes
Stripped:: No ._.
Kissed more than two people in one night:: Yes
Kissed someone of the same sex:: NO
Lied:: All the time
Gotten into a fight:: Yes
Passed out:: Hell yes
Stolen anything:: Everytime I walk into a store (it's called Kleptomania)
Done something you regret:: Almost more than once a week
Been on T.V:: Yes
Been in Love:: Never
Had sex:: Lol hell yes.
Had Unprotected sex:: Lmao....
Killed anyone:: Almost.

Last Person You..

Talked to on the phone:: The homie Shots
Text Messaged: Connor
Instant Messaged: My friend Quincey
Hugged:: Some chick at my school I don't know her name xD
Kissed:: Once again, some random chick at my school xD
Yelled at:: Dad
Missed:: My cat Sam back at the house in Michigan
Were told loved you?: My ex ._.

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Farewell, Gaia...

Oh.. man... 8 years...
8 years I've been hooked to this website.
But no more.
Gaia has died for me.
None of the people I used to log in to see, even log in anymore..
And the new friends I've tried to make, well...
I've had a lot of great memories here, met a lot of good people that I will continue to talk to by other means.
But in the end Gaia... you ended up bringing me nothing but boredom.
So, farewell.

Oh, hey, one more thing.

I realize there may be some of you that wanna stay in touch, and do not yet have any means to do so besides Gaia.
Send me an email at punk3rpuffs@yahoo.com
I can also be texted, but if you want that number you're gunna have to get in touch with me some other way first so you can get it.
I'm not going to leave it posted here, lol.


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Stay classy, Gaia.